New Shop For Cocoandsilk

Hi there! 

It's been ages since i uploaded the previous post but i had so many things to do!!!! No news is good news as they say,  the reason i was so terribly busy was the work i had to do with  a wonderful concept store that opened it's doors in Athens (Psychico area) and i was working like crazy for the interior and also for my collection to have a full presentation in this magical place!

It was the first time that my two great loves, interior design and fashion design came together and no matter how much the work, i really loved every minute of it!

This place is a totally new baby, a gathering of amazing greek designers like Levinia Konyalian Atelier , Di Gaia , Kooreloo , Marmarometry and yeeeeey me cocoandsilk. The store's name is 220 (which happens to be my lucky number, now how strange is this?).... You can imagine how happy and excited i feel with all these new things running together!

Till next post i will leave you with some photos from 220 and promise to give you new feed asap!

Have a wonderful new week

Love, K.

p.s A huuuuuge thanks to Kare design for all the amazing furniture!

photos by cocoandsilk