Calm Night at Home

Calm night at home equals:

1. I have finished all the house keeping and have the rest of the evening free.

.Rodriguez is singing on my cd player.

3. A glass of cool water next to me  - wine will come later.

4. My book next to me.

5. My partner coming from his yoga class.

6. Turn the ligts down.

7. Sitting ouside to the balcony enjoying the night.

8. Feeling blessed for being healthy and alive, here - and - now.

Love, K.

photos via pinterest


Amy Butler, 'It Bag' Creator

I first ''met'' Amy Butler through Living Etc magazine, her beautiful home was on the November 2011 issue, and what a home! Then, a few weeks ago as i was seeking for a travel bag solution i fell into her web site. 

Amy Butler is a talented designer and her ability to create colorful patterns can give me such a jealousy! Honestly, what is not to love about her creations? I also like she puts that soft leather detail to her travel bags so they look amazing. Her wall prints are beautiful and vivid and absolutely suitable for any place you can name. Being such a creative person, Butler has also put under her name other design products like wallpapers, handcrafted wool rugs, stationery, books and more...

I also found some pics of her house,  so this post is kind of mixed and you can also check her amazing work space here.

Searching for a travel bag had never been so pleasant!!!

Love, K.

photos via here and here


Make my Friday, Technology wish list...?

 OK, i want to say this: till recently i was a person who didn't really had any concerns about technology. Having the knowledge to visit and explore all the sites i was interested in and the ability to use some demanding programs , more like tools for my work , was more than enough for me.

About eight months ago i started looking for new things to explore - play - learn and so my love affair with technology and technology gadgets became reality. Suddenly words like tablet, apps, portable battery pack, s pen and some hundreds more became part of my everyday life, (something which made C totally happy and my partner a bit confused), let alone the Photoshop phase I'm into...
My new wish list is now about gadgets and technology desire objects instead of shoes, books and cushions. Looking at my latest obsession here i feel like a child in a candy shop, and i can't help but wonder...is this a phase i'm coming through or is it here for good?
Well, time will show i guess...

Love, K.

photos via public.gr


Weekend to Thessaloniki = Food + Relaxing + H&M home

Last weekend we were driving to Thessaloniki, C. wanted to spent some days with her grandma and i had to visit since Christmas so i had a reason also...

Of course as many of you may know, it is impossible to stay in this city, even for a few hours and not to eat....and i mean eat ....a lot...So after we had a nice breakfast at my mother's home, we continued with a 'brunch' - this is what we called it , yes, breakfast and brunch in two hours , dear god - in one of the city's best coffee shops, and because it was pretty hot we decided we had to walk a little and spend some half an hour somewhere a bit cooler...

Now aside my obsession with food, (damned genes and roots from Pontus area are the reason, it is not my fault), you all know my addiction with home design stores, so i could not avoid to visit h&m home, let alone this store has not been opened yet in Athens. In addition, my good friend Magda just moved to a house of her own for the first time and i had promised to do some shopping for her, well too many reasons to visit as you can see...All in all the place is very well located, in a totally renovated old building, all brand new, very beautiful products in a big variety and the prices of h&m...to good to miss.

We came back home late, finding out my parents had been waiting for late lunch just a few hours before dinner...

Love, K.
main photo via here, all the rest by cocoandsilk


Pink and Peach

Amongst many colors pink and peach are the ones i love for summer. White is my absolute king, pink and peach my best friends. I use them in my home and like to wear them as they look so pretty on tanned leather.

A few days ago i bought the most sweet scarf from Mango and i can't wait to wear it. During summer while hot days are getting wild, these light colors give me a sense of breeze. It is interesting the way our color preferences change depended on the weather. I don't know about you but have never chosen peach during winter  when i like to work with darker and richer colors.

My summer-y summer mood holds strong...yey!

Love you all,
have a lovely day,

photos via here and here


Coming Home

Over the years i realized one thing, every time summer vacation - or part of it - was coming to an end, i always had the sweet bitter feeling that something beautiful was over but also a  secret joy for coming back home, to my everyday life, to all that i love.

Although the island was such a beauty and the days we spent there were full of joy, we enjoyed the sun and the sea to the max, i am feeling so full of energy and ready to start working again, and this is the magic of vacation, you get a brake and then boom! You come back and a thousand ideas are fresh into the head and it is so sweet to return to the comfort and cosiness of home.

And when we came back so early in the morning we saw the most wonderful full moon over Athens!!!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk


Aeri Studios, Folegandros Island

A nice place to stay while on vacation can really upgrade everyone's holidays the same way a bad one can turn them into hell...

While in Folegandros we stayed at Aeri Studios. The hotel is located at the end of Chora village which means: one, amazing views and sunsets to kill for and secondly a relaxing quietness,  just five min walking from the village.
Nikos, the owner, together with his lovely parents, is a very kind and helpful young man , always around to give you any information you may need, they treated us the best way they could and i have no words for their hospitality! 
The hotel itself is one of the best i ever stayed, (if not the best), very nice decorated, simple and clean lines, a pleasure for the eyes, everything is chosen with a very elegant view, believe me it touches perfection, and this is something i do not say easily! If you ever decide to visit Folegandros this is definitely the place to stay.

Thank you Aeri and Nikos for the wonderful stay, we are looking forward to come again!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk