Make My Friday - Dark Is Falling

The other day we had an amazing afternoon here in Athens, it was one of those first cold evenings where the light becomes more blue and the streets are a bit empty even in the city centre. 
I truly love these fall colours of the city, somehow although a city of four millions - or more - there is a kind of loneliness i can feel around the 'empty' roads and everything seem to move slower than usual and more quite!
The images of this post are in fact a car ride through the city centre and are all taken with my mobile, between the red lights and the slow ride.

This Saturday C. is expecting to celebrate Halloween at home which means a hot spicy pumpkin soup with crispy bread sticks and a horror movie on the telly. I really can't wait...

Wish you a lovely weekend and a great Halloween!

Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk


November Black

I don't need excuses to wear black. I mean i am a lover of white all summer time, but when weather turns colder and the days a bit grey, it is time to get my black beauties out of the closet.
Black is not meant to be the easy solution although it sure is, but it is also a canvas on which we can build an inspiring outfit!
I know this winter i am so not stop going to wear this dress, day or night, depending the shoes. And i have trillions of plans on my mind with this velvet suit which is my favourite for this season!

Since November is close and winter is on the way, get ready for your play with all your classy black pieces and create all the fresh looks that will take you  from one day to the other in confidence and with style!

Have a beautiful week

images via here and here


Make My Friday - It's Digital To Me

Two days ago i went to Onassis Cultural Centre where the exhibition 'Digital Revolution' is running. Barbican gallery in London and Tekniska  museum in Stockholm had also given roof to the event before Athens. The exhibition is unbelievebly interesting and it literally sends you for a walk to the late years of our digital world, also it works as a fun park especially for all of us who remember the pac-man games and the huge digital units we used to play around the 80's or early 90's.

Every room had a different story to tell and i was totally hooked from all the things Hollywood, it was explained to us how Gravity was filmed and all the digital tricks of the movie!

Coming back home i was super excited and talked every detail with my daughter who surpsingly had a two hours divorce from her iPad mini and seemed to have much fun rediscovering the 'gone but not forgotten' nintendo...

Have a lovely weekend
Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk 


Rainy Day - Fall Day

Hi there,
today i was ready to create one more post about fashion, my whole life seem to run around fashion lately, but since we had a wonderful rainy day here in Athens and a very small taste of fall, it was impossible not to have a tiny break to enjoy this, you know how much i love rain! 

This fall has been lost somewhere between an extended summer and countless working hours, not to mention the financial / political situation - which i will not do, oh no! So today it was such a present to all of us, this sweet, kind, warm rain and the beautiful colours of the day. 
Nature works with a different clock and suddenly amongst the vibrant green leafs i discovered the yellow and brown autumn ones. That came with a bit of a surprise and somehow i have a strange feeling i have lost a whole season....

How about you? Are you fond of this time of the year or are you singing the blues?

Wish you a very beautiful day!
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk


Work The Detail

Hi guys, hope you had a lovely weekend!
I had a wonderful time on Saturday night wandering around the centre of Athens and boy it was years  since i had done this for the last time! 
The city is really blooming again after a period of misery and depression, people are pretty tired and fed up of the endless austerity thing and everyone seem to need some fresh air. So many beautiful new places to go and enjoy the amazing night life of this city.

Anyway, that was two days ago, this is Monday calling and we are here to go on with work and all the new stuff....
One of the most difficult things here in cocandsilk is to achieve the result we want in every single piece, and we mean the special detail that makes every garment different. 
Working on the detail means you can never let a piece go on production unless you are not absolutely sure of the final result. I spent so much time 'investigating' a piece from inside to outside, does the lining look perfect, do we have a good quality of finish, does the pocket have the perfect cut, and so many more... Am i ever pleased? Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no, but with every step we do achieve a higher quality, and this is a grate win!
Fashion is a hard and tricky playground to play and every day you have to deal with new challenges but the beauty of creation gives such a pay off! And that's the thing with this work, no matter how difficult it is, how hard you have to fight, there is always this amazing moment when you realise the power of the detail on every design, every fabric, every garment, and finally on every woman that will wear cocoandsilk!

See you on Wednesday 
Love, K.

Jenni wears black wide-leg pants 40% wool, 40% visc, 20% polyamide 
and honey top with side pockets 100% wool
both soon online here

original photo Fotis Karapiperis


Make My Friday - A Small Shot Of Winter Collection

Hi there, this is the video week.
OK, even though we have been extremely late, i surely hope you will love all our winter designs as much as we do.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, K.

video creation Xframe
original photo Fotis Karapiperis


Time To Have Some Fun

Hi there,
these are such crazy days, so many things are on the way and twenty four hours never seem to be enough!

My dearest friends from Xframe made this sweet video for us and we really love to share it with you. In a few days a new video with new collection will be online and the final look of the site will also be ready, at last!

Thank you all for the love and support!

video creation xframe.gr
photography Fotis Karapiperis from Studio Verve
stylist Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis
model Jenni Penttinen

Wish you a lovely day


It Is Not Work, It Is Magic

Hi guys, it feels nice to be back to normal after the weekend - which between you and me was my first relaxed weekend after a loong time!
The thing about Mondays though is they are always very promising....to my opinion. I mean i always begin my week full of great ideas and how i am going to make them happen but on the way, many of these plans are rejected due to limitation of time, or for financial reasons.
Anyway, the more i grow the more i tend to love Mondays. Maybe that's because i so much love what i am doing right now and i can never find myself seriously complaining for the hard work, i truly love it. 

So, today i am so glad to have all the photos from the previous collection ready to upload (again), and i feel like these clothes have been designed just yesterday, which is not a total lie since i only count a few months in the industry.

Here, i really love Jenni's approach to the collection and the great job she did! 

Days are pretty busy, many projects are coming up and i would really like this winter to be like a period of endless Mondays, sounds crazy yes? But it is all about new starts, new fresh ideas and meetings with people with whom i can share and work, and mostly manage to make most of the projects become true!

Do have a lovely week and don't forget to let me know about your special Mondays :))

Love, K.

effects by cocoandsilk


Make My Friday - Inspirational People

I love them all

Enjoy your weekend

Yohji Yamamoto

Sylvia Plath 

Marion Cotillar

Oscar Wilde

Nick Cave

Jim Jarmusch

Marlon Brando

Marlene Dietrich

Helena Christensen

Edward Norton


Collection Finally Here

Cocoandsilk winter collection is finally here and it is going to hit the shops in a few days. Needless to say it was such a joy to see all the pieces coming together and how every one of them really made sense pairing with the others creating a beautiful completeness.

Black is here of course and how couldn't it be since is an all time favourite colour, i'm telling you i have serious trouble not adding it in my summer collection as well, but then again if you live in a country where the light is so strong during summer months it is not possible not to be attracted by glorious summer white, no? But for a minimal, clean winter line, black is always a winner and i really love all the pieces. Needless to add that this collection's palette is neutral with a few dusty hues of grey or pink here and there, but always with the best fabric quality and we're talking wool, cashmere and silk here!

Once more we are very pleased from the final result of the collection as it totally reflects our view for fashion and everyday style.

We would love to listen to your thoughts so do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy the lovely day,
love, K.

original photo Fotis Karapiperis, stylist Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis, model Jenni Penttinen
photo effects by cocoandsilk


Deconstructing The Image

''Change the way you look at the world and the world you look at will change''
Neil Gaiman

These are the words that put me in all of thinking during the weekend. 
Normally, we tend to look at this world through images and sometimes even through the reflections of them. 
During the last years we all became observers in actions of cruelty against people with a different way of approaching life or against minorities, sexual, cultural, religious, etc...So, how can it be true that even though we are running so fast we still move back? Do we have to deconstruct the image in order to find the substance?
 Art, fashion, music, theatre, cinema, and culture in general is what we can use to change and to resist in such actions. Perhaps it is not only the way we look at this world but most importantly the way every single one of us is acting.
 If we would like to speak about fashion it is obvious that something is starting to change. Maybe this is why so many young designers around the globe are trying to work under ethical codes, are avoiding toxic fabrics, creating wearable collections for real people, and try to build small brands that are not all about glossy magazines and glittered conservative images but they are more about real needs, real lives, and finally the true meaning of their work, that is joy, independence, freedom, creativity, self expression, and probably a lot more...

Enjoy your day, see you all on Wednesday
Love, K.

images by bbc.com/culture


Make My Friday - Team Work

Hi guys, i am so glad Friday is here cause last week there was no weekend breath for me!

On Wednesday team worked photoshooting winter collection and in a few days everything will be ready to see online, i am very excited about it!

'Slow and steady' fall is on the way even here in Athens and nights have become finally chillier, I myself am looking forward to wear some of the pieces which look and are minimal and comfy. As i look back i find myself becoming more and more friendlier to low profile aesthetic, i do not want things to shout where they come from but to keep an understated quality, like looking for the substance and not the image. I guess this is what this collection is about, the fabrics are a total luxury but the designs are as simple as possible so they can give to every woman the freedom to express herself the way she likes, no flags, no identity, no rules, no codes, just freedom to be herself.
And by this i come to the best part of this winter, an idea my good friend Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis gave me the other day and we are going to start working on it, it would be amazing if we manage to find a way and make it happen. Still is extremely early to say anything else...

Fall is a very inspiring season to create, all this sweet and kind light really puts you on the mood for something new. Is this really happening to you also or is it just me?

Enjoy your precious weekend and keep the vibes positive!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk