Rainy Day - Fall Day

Hi there,
today i was ready to create one more post about fashion, my whole life seem to run around fashion lately, but since we had a wonderful rainy day here in Athens and a very small taste of fall, it was impossible not to have a tiny break to enjoy this, you know how much i love rain! 

This fall has been lost somewhere between an extended summer and countless working hours, not to mention the financial / political situation - which i will not do, oh no! So today it was such a present to all of us, this sweet, kind, warm rain and the beautiful colours of the day. 
Nature works with a different clock and suddenly amongst the vibrant green leafs i discovered the yellow and brown autumn ones. That came with a bit of a surprise and somehow i have a strange feeling i have lost a whole season....

How about you? Are you fond of this time of the year or are you singing the blues?

Wish you a very beautiful day!
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk