Make My Friday, Coco Sends Me To Salonica

It was such a nice morning and i had to get up very early to catch the plane to Thessaloniki (or Salonica as we like  to call), in order to meet a future partner of cocoandsilk.com .
I had an extremely good feeling and i was super happy i was visiting  my home town! Although my schedule was very tight it was impossible not to make a small walk around the city center and enjoy the fresh morning sun. My appointment went very good and we even had the pleasure of a  - not so light - very late lunch in one of the countless small restaurants. After that i could not avoid to visit H&M home, i bought an amazing candle and some table serving plates and they drove me back to the airport just in time not to miss my return flight. It was a wonderful day and i am glad i have already arranged to spend half of my Christmas vacation in Salonica.
See you on Monday.
Have a most beautiful weekend and take care of yourself.
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk


Heels vs Comfort

I love, love, love heels....
A few years ago i used to wear killer heels all the time, no matter the distance i had to walk, the job i had to do, day or night, hot or cold... i think you got the point. Athens is not the easiest place to wear high heels, the roads are death traps - broken cement and dog poop almost everywhere, not so good public transportation and a city with so many small hills and slippery roads are enough reasons to make you decide to wear flats...not me...not then. The truth is, there is nothing as elegant as a nice pair of heels, but once i wore my first pair of flats some ....two years ago ....i made a contract with myself...flats during the day, heels during the night. So, even though i adore my Louboutins i find more attractive the idea of wearing a simple Converse and run the streets easily!

What do you vote?

Love, K.

photos via here and here


The City Is My Lover

Last week i was so stressed and tired i just felt i had to do something. And when alarm bells are ringing, i always step back a little instead of run faster....It was then i decided i needed to brake the day's schedule and have a walk around my beloved city.
You know, Athens is not considered to be a beautiful city and maybe this has some true...but for me this place is unique and i deeply love to live here.
I walked for two hours into the heart of the city and had some 'raw' pictures, you can also see here, no filters, no Photoshop, nothing fake, just the city and me... I did not even followed the central roads with the well dressed people, i just let the Athenian light do the job and the people, the cars, the small details speak for the city. After all we know each other pretty many years -Athens and me - so no need to pretend we are something more than we are....something different....something fancy...and you know what? I came back full of energy and positive feelings, i worked for many hours and felt so creative! This city is definitely my all time lover!

Have a wonderful day.
Love, K.

Dedicated to Athens

photos by cocoandsilk


Make My Friday, My North Light Love

It is not unusual for me to fell in love with a place - not that i do not fell in love with people....but you know... when i saw this magical place, it was love of first sight.

During theses days i work hard to start my  new job - career (?) - so it is kind of a healing process to have some free time late at night to look at all my - oh! so - favorite design blogs and let my spirit get some rest and my soul feel the happiness that these pictures are giving me, yes, exactly like this. And perhaps you could  ask why i don't focus to this passion of mine, this love about interior design and do something really serious about it, like a business for ex. Well, i don't quite know, maybe it is not the time yet, for now i keep busy with other stuff and i have too many hats on my head, not easy to put another one on.

Anyway, no more blah - blah , just enjoy this truly beautiful space, every time i find such a place i want to grab a brush and just paint everything in my house black and white and grey...oh yes, i forgot, i still keep that renovation project in mind.... maybe in spring or... sooner...

Take care of yourself

Love, K.

photo credit stadshem.se


Winter Winter, Where Are You?

Hi there! If you are living in Greece you must probably know that this year we are having a loooong spring instead of winter. I am not the kind of person who is seeking for heavy cold, i do not wear socks and boots easily, in fact i walk barefoot most time of the year but... come on! 22 deg C in mid November is kind of irritating!
Of course being able to sit outside this time of year is so pleasant and i do not like to sound like mean mommy but hey! i want some winter at last! My daughter is dreaming of her Christmas birthday party and i am still in my summer t-shirts, drinking bear or cold white wine during Saturday night and even i so deeply love summer, it is the first time in my life i am looking for some chill, a crisp cold night, the smell of the fire and wood, the warmness of a winter soup, a lazy Sunday morning under my covers, i miss to smell deep and  feel the cold clean air running through my body, i admit it , i am ashamed, i miss winter....even a small, a very small one!

What about you, do you think I'm wrong?

Have a lovely, lovely day,


Room Divider Ideas For Small, Or Not So Small Spaces

Hello there! Today i was just thinking how many times i needed to make different uses of the same room and i could not really do it, because i could not find a way to make one room  work like two. Another thing is, i did not like the idea of building something permanent as i already knew this would be a temporary need, remember the first months with the small nursery into the bedroom?
Of course, there other reasons that someone would like to divide a room, lack of space is one of them. 
Without having to brake the local bank and some minimal skills we can create very clever, low budget and ultra stylish room dividers that would be easy to remove when and if we wish to. So, here are some ideas for you ...and for me...you never know...

I wish you a perfect week.
Love, K. 

photos via here


Make My Friday, Digital Beauty

I love to read magazines, paper or digital makes no difference. During the last years thanks to digital technology, photographers and stylists can create visual miracles! I admire the photographers of the early 19th century because they changed the way we see things, through their work we saw the world with a different view, but i deeply admire the photographers of our times because they are artistic creatures, they do not only know how to play with photoshop, they can create a visual miracle, a work of art while working on a fashion photoshoot.

These wonderful photos are from atlas magazine
The goal behind Atlas is to provide a platform where fashion creatives from any background and anywhere in the world can come and showcase their work to a wide and inspired audience. 
The above words are coming from the magazine and the pictures of course. Enjoy!

Have a beautiful weekend.
Love, K.


This Wednesday...having a hard time...

As we are new to the business we are trying hard to catch our time limits and this is making us feel stressed and confused.
I always used to work alone and now that so many people are involved into the project is kind of a totally new experience for me. sometimes this gets inspiring and others is getting pretty hard. Then again with a good will, a nice cup of tea or coffee and some music, everything seems easier.

What will come out from cocoandsilk will be a product of love, joy and creativity and i am so sure about it.
I wish to all a beautiful day.
Love, K.


About A Bike

Hello there you bike lovers!
Today i am talking about a unique family business based in Copenhagen. They create some beautiful and ultra functional bike hoods , see here and the whole concept is very clever, can be a savior solution when there is lack of space and it smells Scandinavian design and Eco friendly philosophy from miles away. 
I really like what they are doing and if you spend a minute visiting their site, you will also enjoy their lovely video!

Have a lovely new week and a wonderful day.
Love, K.

photo sourcing here