Make My Friday, Premiere Vision Istanbul

Premiere Vision is one of the most important shows about fabric.
For me traveling to Istanbul to visit the exhibition was the first oficial presence under my new working project and although i was practically with no sleep for 24 hours, i was so excited and alive i could not believe it!

Being in a new business, especially your own business where you risk time and money is not an easy thing and to tell you the truth, till now my ups and downs are running wild as i have to take decisions for so many things, meet people, work with people i have to trust , no,  is not a tasty cookie...

The show was easy to visit, the Expo Center is only one stop from the airport using the metro and i spent the whole day meeting people, looking for fabrics and making endless lists. Thank God some of the manufacturers are having an agent here in Greece so it will be a bit easier for me to meet them and make the final orders.

All in all it was an amazing experience and no matter the stress when i got back to Athens (long after midnight) i was feeling so happy and full of ideas.

I wish you a wonderful weekend

Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk and premierevision-istanbul.com


Design Hotel, Istanbul

Looking for a hotel as we are planning a trip to Istanbul - it is a one day trip for work but this can not stop me from dreaming of a nice hotel i could stay - i found this wonderful hotel that is going to be my shelter during my next stay.

Istanbul is a magnificent city anyway, but a nice stay can make always things better...
I don't know about you but i am definitely a hotel lover, what can be better than going out every day for work or (even better) pleasure and then you come back to find everything in the right place waiting for you....perfection!

This is The House Hotel Galatasaray and perhaps you have already stayed there so let me know...

Oooor i have still time to change my ticket and stay for one more day...or two...hmmmm!

Love, K.

photos via designhotels.com


Is It Black And White Or White And Black?

Many times in my life i have felt like two powers are existing into me. I am not talking about good or bad, create or destroy and things like this, i am talking of finding myself feel attracted to completely different things by the same time, ex. i absolutely adore white and in the same time i can go crazy for a Mexican style vibrant sofa, or, spending a small fortune to get a flowery labeled dress and never actually wear it because i believe soft and neutral palette is  more close to my style...so what is happening? Am i a confused personality or is this happening to all of us and it is just our right to freedom, to express and love different aspects and styles of design, fashion, art, even people...

Of course, the world is full of diversity. Things can never be black and white, while i strongly believe the black and white thing expresses so nicely all these opposite powers into us, different but so perfectly combined into a balanced unity! 
Black and white - or white and black, it doesn't really matter as long as we can find beauty and peace and balance and our way to express ourselves free and confident...

Love, K.

photos via here


Make My Friday, Raw Beauty

So many times i ask myself, what really defines beauty, is it something different for everyone of us, or is it something really obvious?
And when we see a picture that looks pretty amazing no matter the object, is it a real thing or the digital talent of a person, the talent of a stylist, a designer, or photographer....?

The more i try to find beauty all around the more difficult it is to discover it because i believe that real beauty comes from a raw, primitive substance , like nature, like an innocent smile, like the rain  and of course like the vision of an artist and that artist can be a fashion designer or a home stylist, or a movie director, or a painter , or an architect, or a cook, or anyone of us. Beauty lays on truth and the more truthful something is the better beauty settles upon it.

I find it unbearable to live in a world where beauty does not exist, so i make it my job whenever i find people who create something beautiful, to talk about it. Pia Ulin and Lotta Agaton are creating amazing things, the first as a photographer and the second as an interior stylist. Their work is wonderful and i love it. Their Scandinavian DNA made one more miracle (or two). Together they have created a book, Colorful , which is also exceptional! And that's the thing with beauty, like love...like life...you can never have enough.

Have a most wonderful weekend.
Love, K.

 photo credit Lotta Agaton and Pia Ulin


Good Taste Makes Me Happy

I love people with good taste, I really admire them. You know the kind of people who can set a beautiful table with just a glass of wine  and a piece of cheese, the ones who know how to create a wonderful home without breaking the bank and who know how to be dressed nicely while their bank account do not declare a member of the Rothschild family.

I remember my grandma who could create a wonderful dinner for a whole family with almost nothing and still make the table look tempting, she had always her hair nicely done, had the smell of fresh soap and her little house was a pleasure for the eye.

I am not the kind of person with the charisma of creating something out of nothing, but i feel completely happy when i see something beautiful, a house, a movie, an art installation, a beautiful face...and this is why i love the Internet and cinema and books and music so much, because no matter how ugly some things may be, at the end of the day we may find ourselves relaxing and retreating through the magic of so many amazing pictures and realize that even if it is just a simple photo, the world can be really beautiful or at least look  beautiful and all the amazing creative people around the globe are taking care of this....

A beautiful home is a medicine for the soul.

Have a lovely day

Love, K.

photos via here and here


Looking For A Web Designer

Now that i am in the process of creating my new working environment  i have to solve many problems everyday, some of them are easy and some of them are impossible to deal with unless you call the expert.

One of the most stressful parts was to find the right person(s) to help me create my new site. I knew exactly what i wanted to create but i needed someone to understand and help me to go even further. This is why i chose to work with  xframe. These guys are truly amazing and so very helpful! Not only totally understood what i had in mind but also they were very generous of giving me advice about things i didn't know, useful information and they are very supportive and know how to make you feel safe, like you are in good hands. 

It is really important when you start something new to have the best technical and professional support as it is much better to do something complete from the beginning than try to fix later. Xframe.gr helped me to deal with details i did not had even imagined cause they know their job and they do it well.
So, thank you guys for all the support and see you soon...

Love, K

photos via pinterest


Make My Friday, The - It Is Never Enough Salad

I have a very good neighbor who always gives to me some of her amazingly tasteful pomegranates.
I can eat this ancient fruit with anything but most of everything i enjoy it in a salad. It gives a wonderful color and it is sooo healthy!

Yesterday i made this super duper easy salad that was gone in minutes. 

I used: half a broccoli - steam cooked
seeds of half a pomegranate
sun flower seeds
soft, goat cheese

for the sauce

organic olive oil
 a spoon of pomegranate juice
a tea spoon of petimezi (grape molasses)

That's it , can it get any simpler?
Next time i will triple the dose and maybe it will be enough for all of us...

Bon Appetit
Have a splendid weekend!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk


Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is a most amazing label for jeans and their philosophy is to repair, reuse and recicle all these jeans that we love and do not want to live without.
They use organic fabric for their denim collection and the are proud of it. 

I could say that their repair shops are in fact concept stores, at least the one i visited in Sweden. You try your jeans and right next to you another pair is under the sewing machine. 

I remember how many times i had to throw my old jeans away as it was not possible for my mother to repair them any more, i don't know about you but i had jeans that i never wanted to give away, so old and soft and loving!

Nudie is a men's collection company but if you, like me, prefer the boyfriend style of jeans then you can have your pick.

Love, K.

all photos via here


Diving Into Deep Water

Life is strange - yes, you already know this i am sure!
Just when you think you are ready to give up, something good is going to happen and give you the courage to start all over again.
This year  was quite hard  for me, many things went wrong, my health was an issue , i had a million thoughts come and go into my head but i could not find the courage to make the big step. Financial insecurity, fear for failure, bureaucracy, everything seemed to be against starting something new. Add to the previous a not so good health condition and you got the picture...
But, it is true after all , we all have powers we do not know we possess and it is not easy but if we want something dramatically, we will find the way to do it. It took me three years of fighting with myself , a damaged health and too many inner battles and doubts cause it is not easy to leave what you always knew and walk somewhere unknown, on the other hand you will never know till you try, so....it is at last becoming true, my knew job is taking flesh little by little and things are getting more clear every day.

The truth is, even though i am so insecure right now of what it is going to be like, i feel extremely excited about the whole thing and a very positive feeling is all around me and my beloved family. It is so important that they are all so supportive and helpful, to me it is half the way...

Starting a new thing is like a birth process, frightening and wonderful. During the next months we will have so many things to talk about...i hope most of them in a positive manner.

I wish you a wonderful inspiring week.
Love, K.

 photos by cocoandsilk


Make My Friday, (My) Leather Chair

Years ago i was in love with a beautiful leather chair i had seen in a shop.
As you can imagine it was pretty expensive and buying it was not an option for our pale economics...

Anyway, time was passing by and the love relation between me and the chair was becoming stronger and stronger till one day, after many months of hard savings i was able to have it! I still remember the day it was brought home and how happy i was every (early) morning i could literally snuggle into the soft butter leather, have my coffee and read till it was time to go, ah those times!

After i gave birth to C my time for snuggling became too limited but the chair was still my pride....till....one day....C, who as a child had never and i say never done anything bad into the house, well, she decided it was time to discover what was hiding inside mummy's favorite chair thing...
By the time i discovered what she was actually doing during the silent period , she had already destroyed a big part of it using a wooden toy - echo friendly mama paid the price of her choices...

I have no leather chair any more, instead i use an old one my mother gave to me, that i do not particularly like but it is comfortable  - and yes, i would very much like to replace it sometime soon, i hope...

Love, K.

Leather beauty

via here

via here


Comfy Pants

Remember the days when we used to lay in bed so we could fit into  our skinny jeans? Well, these days seem to be gone forever...at least for me. The more i grow the more i appreciate comfy clothes. Clothes that make me feel good, work and move all day without turning my body stressed, clothes that can be worn from early teens to late -ys and still look good.

Comfy pants are a big love and a big part of my closet now, of course the fabric is always important to me also. Sometimes C. and i are wearing the same pants only in a different size, but most of the times i have to confess, i try to get the lower price option for her as i tend to keep my clothes for a very long time - especially those that i love - and she doesn't.

Now that sweet  fall is knocking at our door, it is the best period to wear and enjoy them as much as possible, just  soft loose pants, a t-shirt and a pair of  sandals, or flip-flops - simplicity!

Have a lovely-lovely day

Love, K.

photos via .ruemag.com