When Beauty Meets Zen

It is not often for someone to abandon the security of a good job just to follow the dream of creating something of her/his own. And when this happens, most of the times it is for a good reason and leads to a successful career!
Athens Cosmedica is a new place located in the heart of the city and it is the place to visit if you like to get a full face or body treatment, in an environment that oozes peace and relaxation.

 The owner Mrs Gianna Rakla is a sweet and kind young lady with a diploma in skin care who is well informed about modern cosmetology and works with skin friendly cosmetics.
The place itself is a joy to visit, clean lines, and a zen philosophy makes you want to stay there forever, relaxing and enjoying a full package treatment.
I am not the kind of person who spends her time in a beauty place but when i visited Athens Cosmedica i decided it was time to give to myself the best personal Christmas present!

This beautiful space was created under the advice of young architect Mrs Eliza Katsou.

I wish you a happy new week
Love, K.

all images by cocoandsilk


My Friday - Clean Lines

This Friday is all about the clear vision and the clean lines of designing.
I always try to think how i can remove lines from my designs and how i can create shape with a sense of minimalism, shape yes, too many ''words'' no. What is important to me is to let the person who wears the clothes express his/her personality and dress philosophy by deconstructing probably more than contructing, and this is why i so much pay attention to the quality of production and this is how important it can be for a piece to manufacture it in small units where every attention and care is taken.

Fashion is an industry where a lot of new things are happening and where everyone is free to create under his philosophy, fashion is democratic, it is a field with too many different seeds to grow and although money play a big part to it, i believe fashion must be sometimes beyond money. 
Everyone wants to sell, i want to sell, but i also create pieces that i now from the very start they might not be easy sellable , just because they help me experiment with things. I deeply admire Japanese designers for their courage and inspiration to create amazing things through the years and Scandinavian designers cause they always find a perfect balance between ''new'' and acceptable, and of course all the young designers around the globe who are fighting hard to create an identity, a path through which they can be expressed. So this post is dedicated to all of them.

Have a wonderful weekend
Love, K.

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My Winter Black

I know i can be accused for wearing mostly black but i guess i am not the only one to blame, no?
This winter was the blackest of all! First of all it was my own collection i was dying to put on and secondly all my favourite pieces from the previous seasons were standing in my closet, looking at me and calling me to try them out...yes, really!

But this winter and especially next month i am so much in the mood for something glossier, something minimal but with a hint of glamour. I know this outfit is going to be my essential for all day and night December appearances depending the shoe and the way i am going to accessorise it! Also i like the way every piece can work on ti's own, i can definitely wear the jacket with my pair of jeans or the pants with a simple cotton white shirt and still look festive and classy!

Weather is pretty hot (still) here in Athens considering the fact we are only a month before Christmas and maybe this year we are going to celebrate like the Aussies or Californians do, so let's get ready to give ourselves a chance for some extra luxury and precious moments, I don't know about you but i am so fed up with bad news and scenarios, life is too short not to celebrate every moment of it! This year's Christmas  holidays are going to be the best of all, and you know what?  Just because...

Have a wonderful day my darlings
Love, K.

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My Friday - Discover

People always surprise me, sometimes for a good reason and sometimes not, after all the years I've spent searching on the Internet I 'knew' I had discovered almost everything I was interested about.
I was so mesmerised when I discovered this site the other day, I can't stop reading and visiting...
It's all about art and the images are so strong and beautiful, it became my favourite everyday feed!
The thing about art is that it can really makes you see the world with a different view, mostly a clearer view. A picture equals to a thousand words,  so this site is an endless book of excellent quality literature...
With all the 'dirty' things i have to keep in mind and settle them, like bills, bureaucracy stuff, production details, meetings with not so reliable customers, a site like this is my everyday therapy!

What is your relation to art? Do you invest in it? Are you visiting art spaces or anything like that?

Enjoy your weekend my dears

Love, K.

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This Wednesday Is For...

You know what? i do like Wednesdays, it's in the middle of the week, a long day full of promises and if nothing special really happens , you can always break it with a nice evening dinner, till Wednesday everyone is ready to drink a glass of red again!

This day in particular is for...work till very late on new collection
Invest on everything classy
Stay true to my principles
Create, create, create
Live every minute in beauty
Dream big!

Enjoy your day
Love, K.


My Friday - Fashion Editorials

The more i get involved with fashion, the more i tend to admire people who work for it. Fashion photography is one of my favourite things and the reason i never get enough of reading fashion magazines, their editorials can truly fix my day!

It would be totally unfair not to mention how many people work to get a beautiful photo, but the crown belongs to the person who has the last word, that magical click sound which turns work into magic!

Fashion photography to me is a journey to the land of beauty, a fairytale for grownups! 
No-one can deny the power of a good photo. Fashion is and should be all about beauty and creation, and fashion photography, inspirational editorials are what turns a design piece into a piece of art!

Have a beautiful weekend
love, K.

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Make My Friday - Shopranoblog Wearing Cocoandsilk

Hi there! I am so thrilled today as i can share with you the amazing photos with Chrissiana from shopranoblog wearing cocoandsilk
This lady did an amazing job uplifting my favourite pieces of the collection, i am dying to wear them also and as the weather still holds the temperature high, it is so easy to walk this light wool suit all day long!

Athens is the perfect place to be dressed all light and elegant, no heavy stuff required which makes things more simple and i guess everyone loves this. Again what i really like in this pics is the way she creates a laid back style, super chic and super comfy. 
Another thing is, although the suit plays with an androgynous style -  this is exactly what i had in mind while designing it - i can see the perfect dose of femininity which brings a beautiful balance to her style, it's like lady meeting a tomboy!

This weekend is going to be much more quieter than the previous, last weekend Athens was all about halloween parties and a lot of drinks and dancing and midnight walks so this one looks like the perfect occasion for cocooning and sweet evenings with friends. November is very kind to us and sometimes i feel blessed that i live here, no matter the trouble!

I wish you a perfect weekend with your loved ones!

images via shopranoblog.com


A Peaceful Place

Well, it's been so long since i wrote a post about interiors, seems like fashion has taken all of my energy, yes? Today as i was running to catch my meetings, i had a small gap between two of them and boy i spent all of my time reading in a cosy coffee shop a beautiful interior magazine, so here i am now all inspired to share with you!

The more i tend to read international press - and by international i mean European, American, Australian, sure is international -  the more i realize that the way we used to dress our homes has trully changed. Think of it, it's only ten years ago and we used to spend thousands of euros to create over-stuffed places with anything we could afford. Somehow everything had to be a lot. Today people try to let their homes breath, small empty spaces that create a peaceful corner are super desirable and if i am allowed to say we not only have started to dress low key, but live low key / which brings me to a total joy! It is so obvious that what really counts is not the quantity but the quality and this goes to everything really. It is about time to get rid of everything 'cheap' and ugly we do not need and we still carry with us, metaphorically this could affect even a relationship but here i speak of the way we dress our homes and ourselves. So, next time you are ready to pick something, wait a minute and ask yourself: does this product really worth the price? Does this company respect the consumer? Or am i buying it cause it's one cheap bullshit? Just saying...

Enjoy you day,
Love, K.

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I Am A Fabric Lover

One of the things i love most is the fabric hunting! The moment i find a fabric that i like, i feel butterflies in my stomach! It is not the joy i feel by touching it, it is the wonderful path the fabric itself pushes me to follow,  and the hundreds of ideas crossing  my mind the moment that i discover it!

Most of the times i go out hunting my fabrics by appointment and usually i have a very clear vision of what i am looking for, but somehow, sometimes, the moment i least expect it, a wonderful sample is coming to my road and then puf! everything starts to make sense!

Anyway, anyone who works in the fashion industry perhaps has something similar to confess, but the reason for this post is the wonderful collection we worked on this winter and the delicate fabrics we have chosen to work for summer!

Cocoandsilk pays strong attention to the fabrics and the quality of manufacturing , many of our pieces are enjoying hand made details and we are proud of it!

So, i guess this is for today, and hey don't forget to send me your thoughts!
Enjoy the new week and the beautiful November month!

Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk