My Friday - All Things Black

All things black can be a state of mind, an attitude, a day, a feeling and sometimes all together!

Have a wonderful weekend
Love, K.


White Monday

When everything seem to go black, i always try to act white!

Have a lovely new week

Love, K.


My Friday - Weekend Is For Shopping And More...

Ever since i've started working in fashion the only thing that sleeps  in peace is my wallet.
Firstly i have to think a lot before i spend a penny as money are not easy coming and for every collection i see my budget getting paler and paler, on the other hand being all day between fabrics, designs and clothing makes me (in my days off) looking for the comfort of my old loose jeans. Add (to all previous written) a literally zero time to go out and have fun and you get the pic.

Shopping used to be one of my biggest pleasures and somehow still is when and if  i have the chance to do it. Of course i am very lucky cause i have all the pieces of every collection in my closet so no more panic attacks like.... ''i've got nothing to wear!!!''
Anyway this time i found some astonishingly beautiful pieces like ones i've never tried before but you get braver as you get older! So maybe and i only say maybe this weekend i am going to invest on something different, not a cocoandsilk piece, but very cocoandsilk friendly, ha ha! 

Now, aside from all the fashion blah, blah, the most important for all of us is to share all our precious weekends with the people we love and are really important to us, and this has no price!

Keep up the good vibes
Love, K.

images via b-annet.tumblr.com


Work, Work, Work....

As winter is coming with not the best of intentions, i am so happy that my summer collection is finally ready and all the samples are going to be on public, first during Athens Fashion and Trade Show - coming later this month -  and after that on a private fashion show for which i am super thrilled!

This year is going to be very special for cocoandsilk and this makes me more than happy!
On the other hand, work never ends -  thank God - so two more projects are on the way together with next winter's collection, a trip to Paris for Premier Vision and a scheduled photo-shoot...this is one of  my favourite parts, he he!

I don't like to talk about things before they are done so enough for me to say, better stop writing and  start working again! 

I wish you the loveliest week!
Enjoy your day,

images by cocoandsilk


My Friday - Low key Style

During the years i see myself becoming a minimalist, not only in the way i live / not easy to stay true in the principals of minimalism when you live in 85sqm with a teenager, but mostly in the way i dress myself.

Working for fashion and having crazy work hours, demanding activities like crossing the city from one side to the other to control manufacture issues, meetings with clients and coming back to the studio to work for the design process, made me change the way dress. Comfort is number one but being dressed with style is also a must. 

Most of the times i prefer to keep the 'voice' down by wearing a clean line piece, mostly black, grey, blue or ivory, but i love to add a striking piece like a statement bag, a piece of jewellery or even better the pair of shoes that will make most of the people make a comment. It doesn't have to be  skyscraper heels, but it has to be something more than a simple shoe! That is unless i have to walk 15km in a day, sometimes walking is much faster than driving in Athens, so in this case all the above are dust in the wind and nobody can gets me out of my adidas.

I guess i have not discovered mars and that most women today are somewhere between wearing a stylish outfit but super comfortable also. The days of working for 10-12 hours wearing heels are gone for me, of course evenings  - not so often to go out late these days - are another story, i guess you know what i mean...

Well this was my ''confession on a work floor'' post!

Wish you the most beautiful weekend

Love, K.


For The Love Of Photography...again

No matter how pressing my time limits are, i enjoy so much searching the internet for inspirational photos!

Since these days i run three projects by the same time, having small / the smallest break helps me keeping my mind in position. Other than this, i am planning to add some physical exercise in my weekly routine, even once a week would be a total joy for me.

Lately i know i am not that frequent on the blog and i truly apologise about it, but days are becoming harder and harder and winter is killing me, thank God we have such a blessing weather in Greece!

Even though it is only a few weeks after new year's celebration, i have already started to dream about summer. Somehow to me, winter looses every interest a minute after Christmas :)) And you lucky people who love to live in the cold, there are at least 3 more months for you to enjoy this season. As for me, work is the best medicine, this way time really flies and the moment i open my eyes...ups... spring is here!

Have a beautiful day

All my love, K.

images via cocoandsilk.tumblr.com


My Friday - The Alter Ego

I have many times asked myself about the relations i have with other people and especially with my friends.
The thing about friendship (we all know that, don't we?) is that sometimes hides strong emotions, we argue, agree or disagree, share, have great expectations, we love or even hate things our friends do, but we always, always stay still next to them. 
In my age i somehow felt...you know...it is very difficult, if not impossible, to create new friendships, i had a few good friends, i can say brothers and sisters,  i carry deep feelings about them and these people are very important to me, like for the most of you i suppose.

Lately though, i am in the middle of an emotional, physical and mental journey that has brought me  close to people and day by day i can see these new relations converting to beautiful, strong friendships! To me, this is an unexpected gift of life which always seem to surprise me, for good or for bad!
Friendship is a blessing and i can not imagine my life without the love and support i share with my friends, so i just want to thank them all for all the beauty they give to my life and every single moment we have shared!

Have a beautiful weekend
Love, K.

Dedicated to all my old friends : Maria (you are my sister, my soulmate), Vaso - i admire the voice of positiveness inside you

And all the new ones : Keti - the most tender and kind person i have ever met in my life, Dimitris : you are my alter ego, so lucky i have met you!


This Is 2016

This is my first post for the new year and boy i am so happy this year has started. First of all, i have this awkward feeling that 2016 is going to be the best year ever! 
It is not only a personal thing, the whole world is changing, people are beginning to realise we are finally reached to a point where there is no way to continue behaving with cruelty to each other and to our planet, let's try and be the best persons we can, we can do it!

These days i am away from my beloved Athens, visiting my home town, another trip to Thessaloniki, it is always a joy to visit and spend some days with my old friends. And since spending all the (first) days of the new year just for celebration is not really my style, i have also work to do and this makes me feel calm and happy! Perhaps i love my job too much, perhaps i should see a doctor! :))

Anyway, i love all this 'new beginning' philosophy, although to me, September is the month that equals to a fresh start. January is more like a promise, something we deeply wish for a long period and we have already worked really hard to make happen and now the dream seems to come closer, the promise is ready to be fullfilled!

 So, for this fresh, new year's post i have nothing more to say but wish to everyone of you the very best  and share these beautiful, fashion perfumed images for a joyful and fashionable 2016!

Happy New Year
Love, K.

images via pinterest.com/cocoandsilk