After Christmas Mood

Hello, i hope you had the very best Christmas celebration and you enjoyed the days with your loved ones.
After all the hustle and the bustle of the days i really need to relax a little before the new year's party time!

So, my soul is thirsty for piece and quite and kind moments with the people i love and some peaceful work hours for all the new things that are about to come with the new year.

I wish you a blissful week

Love, K.



Cocoandsilk wishes to every single one of you the very best Christmas ever and love to your heart!



The Dress And The Wish List

Hello and have a lovely new week. 
The other day i was having coffee with a friend of mine and she was insisting there are rules in fashion we all have to obey. There is some truth about it, but then again if you do not try to play a little and keep on repeating yourself, you will soon get bored with your mirror image. 
I am not a super daring person when it comes to my personal styling but once in a while i love to give it a push! It is such a nice feeling to hear people say:  ''Well this is something i could not imagine you would work with!''  Well, i can and truth is... everyone can!

Speaking about different ways of styling a piece and the fact Christmas is (oh yes!) just three days away, AND the bitter truth that i haven't go shopping for almost a year :(( (cross fingers), i made this very small wish list for the festive days. 

Normally, i wear this dress with a pair of flats or my sneakers during the day and tend to accessorize it stronger during the evening by adding either some heels, or a statement piece of jewellery. Since this dress is one of my super favourites cause it is such a chameleon, you can literally wear it with everything, i decided to build a wish list around this piece. I think these two items will take me till late spring and they are so pretty!
Of course like many other wishes it is not for sure it is going to be fulfilled!

Enjoy your day and be festive and smiley!

Love, K.

dress via here

bag via here

bomber jacket via here


My Friday - This Friday We Love...

This Friday we love:
lovely faces, minimalism,  calm spaces, clear shapes, black, city outfits, work spaces, festive interiors, inner serenity and everything else that makes you smile!

Enjoy your lovely weekend


Accessory Talking (?)

It is not often to see me with strong accessories - unless it is about a great bag. 
The other day though i found myself suddenly having a kind of attack, an emotional attack, kind of 'i want to wear this necklace no matter what'! So i bought it and so i had to wear it. Now, i have the feeling this piece is going to be my 'go to' accessory for the months to come. I don't like to play it hard on me so i chose an all black outfit to make it so easy and comfy and i went for this dress and this jacket for an easy and quick morning look as i never spend more than half an hour to get dressed and ready to close the door. I added my all time classic black booties and this look took me from early morning to late afternoon meetings and office work.
I know i am a coward guy, but to me it is so much more important to feel comfortable and relaxed more than anything else! And that's the whole philosophy behind cocandsilk, dress to feel free and shine with your own personality, let the clothes speak on you and not for you.

See you on Friday.
Love, K.

Black dress here
Black coat here
Booties (not seen) here
Blue statement necklace similar here
Ebony ring 2  here


This Monday's Mood

Festive days are getting closer and the more the roads are getting busier the more i am looking for some peace and serenity.
So, this Monday's post is all about some clear mind and calm working hours in a calm space, listening to a favourite music that keeps my mind in its place!

See you on Wednesday
Love, K.

images via here


My Friday - The Colour Collection

When i started working on next years collection i felt it was time for me to add some muted colours, you know, the no colour - colour, i can't go further than this!

On the other hand it is winter's collection, the light gets softer and weaker and we all need some inner peace so no distraction here. I always loved the freedom a muted colour can offer so we can create a look and play with it , or give some colour power just by accessorising the outfit, and this is exactly what lovely shoprano did here, adding just a little something to an otherwise minimal outfit.

The cocoandsilk woman is a free and confident woman who likes to dress in understatement pieces cause it is her personality that shines above all! And Chrissianna got right to the point! 

Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday!

Love, K.

all images via shopranoblog shared with kind permission


The Beauty Of Minimum

There is a certain kind of beauty in every empty space, a serene feeling that only emptiness can offer to us, so this day is dedicated to everything minimal, everything but love!

Enjoy your day and don't give up

Love, K.


Celebration - Street Art

You know how much i love street art, this weekend i was under the influence of this song which i could not stop from listening again and again, searching all the beautiful things that are happening in urban spaces. I really admire the way street art can transform a city view! How an ugly corner can be a hot spot in the city and all the messages these people are trying to send.

A city can be the canvas for a street artist, the same way a painter starts to paint on his white paper. Street art is the celebration of art and how it can intervene in every shade of our lives for good. For people like me who are unrepentant city lovers, street art is a gift given to all of  us, who live under the pressure of everyday reality and make us  realise that life is always the winner and always beautiful.

Have a wonderful week
Love, K.

images via unurth.com


My Friday - Shades Of White

Hello, and so nice it's Friday and close to Christmas days!
This year i am so waiting for the holly days to have some rest and a couple of peaceful days with my loved ones!
On the other hand i am super excited to see the summer collection ready and all the wonderful shades of soft white that make me happy, such a calm colour! The new collection is going to be the most luxurious of all, a lot of silk,  linen/silk, cotton/silk amazing soft fabrics, i am in love with every single piece!

And so, now that summer collection is ready, we are so full of ideas and new things to try for next winter's pieces, see...it never stops....Also we are so greatful and we would like to give a huge ''thank you'' to all of you that supported  and chose cocoandsilk, many pieces are already sold out and we are so happy to get them back in production together with new collection. We could never have imagined that we would be so lucky to receive all this love especially from women in Greece, where financial problems are still big, so really, really thank you all!! It is one of our biggest dream to put Greek fashion back to the playground again and to prove that nothing is impossible when there is passion and good will.

Enjoy a lovely weekend
Love, K.

main image via here all others by @cocoandsilk