A Song For You... And Me

I know it is kind of strange to post a song but lately I'm into much trouble and this particular song is one of my most favorites, so let's enjoy it together and wish that tomorrow will be a better day!
Do have a lovely Wednesday!

Love, K.


Storage Issues...Again

Hello there, how was your weekend? Has is been a restful one or not?

Lately i have a huuuge problem with my office - space as i keep on collecting stuff for my work and i don't know where to store it anymore...Looking for a nice, well priced and high quality designed solution made me stop on formabilio . It is an Italian company that designs and manufactures interior design products with an eco friendly philosophy. I'm telling you i fell in love with their products and i liked their 'manifesto'. It is always a nice feeling to support a company who works with small and independent local manufacturers, so close to the cocoandsilk philosophy.

Have a lovely Monday!
Love, K.

images via formabilio.com


Make My Friday - Scandi Love


Scandinavian design is like a love stroke, once you fall in love with it you can never go away! Maybe it is the clear lines and calming colors, maybe the simple forms or maybe the famous designers of the previous decades that created a tradition of a wonderful work....truth is, design coming from north equals to clear beauty.
My house is not so much about this Scandi feeling, i wish i could create this feeling but it is probably too difficult to achieve it when you live in a packed apartment of 80 sq m with a teenager who loves to keep all her toys and books from the earlier years, not to mention the incredible collection of cds and stuff of her favorite boy band (we will talk about this later as we are traveling to Gothenburg for a concert)! But when it comes to small objects, i love to own as many as i can afford, cause they really make me happy and i love to use them. 
Is Scandinavian design your thing too? Do you have any particular brands that you love and why?

I wish you a striking weekend!
Love, K.

images via bolia.com


Creative People - Thodoris Markou

I met  Thodoris Markou through a number of seminars about photography. He was the best teacher we could have as he was workaholic, insisting, inspirational, open and helpful to all of us from one point, sarcastic, pushing, never tired of repeating things, from another...and with an absolutely winning sense of humor!
I am afraid i can say nothing about his work as a photographer because i happen to know him and i may sound like a flatterer, so i leave this up to you. But i can sure speak about the way he tried to make us understand what photography is about, showed different ways of approaching the light  - or the absence of it - never stopped encouraging us to work, work, work  and being very honest (that  caused pain sometimes), with our work, in other words he was an excellent teacher. Unfortunately due to my crazy hours of working i had to stop my lessons, a bitter truth i do not wish to talk about. Still, it was an excellent experience. I now have a much clearer image of what to do and how to do it.
You can check his work here

Do have a fabulous day!
Love, K.

images via thodorismarkou.com


New Business Cards - Some Color This Time

Last week i ordered some new cards and leaving my hesitation behind i used some strong color for the first time in my life. Oh no, it is not only the white and grey, there is a shocking dose of pink also, making them so much more playful!
Looks like Berlin did good to me and i felt this is the right time to make some changes. Plus, this is a pretty strong, intermediate phase of my life, lots of things are happening, i am not going to be afraid of some pink, right? And once i did it, i became so happy the moment i had them, why on earth i did not try it in the first place?
Now that i am almost ready to start designing my winter 15/16 collection, i had lots of intriguing ideas about color....you think it's wise to add some strong or light  colors next to all time loving black?

Have a joyful day
love, K.

 photos by cocoandsilk


Make My Friday - No wi-fi No room

 A few days ago i turned down the possibility of spending some blissful summer days in the island of Tinos , in a beautiful cottage, in the middle of a traditional farm, but with no access to the Internet. The fact that i was supposed to spend almost a week without having contact with my blog, or the up coming on line shop, made the whole project reject - able and strongly refus(e) - able.

I know, for many people a brake can not be a brake if you keep on working and keep your routine, but what if you just wanna have a small glimpse to what's happening, read your favorite blogs with your morning coffee, preparing your next project or work on your pinterest boards? I can see nothing wrong about it, especially when I'm doing  this first thing in the morning, when all the others are still sleeping, God i love my morning 'isolation'!
 So here i am, since i have the problem, now i will have to plan the summer vacation  - amongst other things- as if i asked for something strange.... Please tell me...am i the only one who is ''smitten'' by the digital world?

Have a beautiful weekend!
Love, K.

images via here


Our Free Day In Berlin

The last time i visited Berlin was some twenty years ago...eeeh....not that close, so it was actually like visiting the city for the first time. We were incredibly lucky to have the best weather and we really enjoyed a long walk around the city. C was all about the hustle and the bustle of the city and paid small attention to what i was trying to tell about the wall and the history of the city. I think she was more willing to accept that an alien was actually walking just in front of us than the story about east and west Berlin, what can i say? Probably i am a terrible story teller person!
We ended  up in Kreuzberg and we had a lovely meal here . It was the perfect end to a perfect day!

Love, K.

all images by cocoandsilk


The Day After The Hive - Inspirational Dietlind Wolf

Hello, so nice to be back after the Easter vacation! 
For me it was certainly the most exciting weekend as i traveled to Berlin for the Hive like i had told you. I had three wonderful days and although i did not find time to rest myself from all the pressure i am in lately, it turned out to be the best decision i could have made.
The whole conference was so well organized and the ladies of 'The Hive' team managed to make us all feel welcome and comfortable - Yvonne, a huge thank you and it would be just wonderful to consider Athens as one of the following cities for the event!!!
Now  for me the biggest highlight of the event was the workshop with Dietlind Wolf . This woman is such an inspiration, kind and human, she shared with us the way she likes to work and some of her secrets,  i was literally  in love with her speech, her sweet and soothing voice, i had felt like that once more, when i met Marina Abramovic. Dietlind is a pure artist, she does not only see the world but she feels it also!

Just before the event, I had a free day (and a half) to enjoy the city and we were damned lucky to have the most amazing weather.  The whole experience was totally amazing and sooo worth it! C. is already packing for  The Hive 2016 in Dublin!

Have a wonderful week!
Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk, last photo coming from Dietlind Wolf's workshop for The Hive


Happy Easter!!!

These are holy days in Greece as we are celebrating the orthodox Easter. 
Athens is full of happy people from all over the world - i had my information here - enjoying the Easter vacation, good weather and probably a lot of meat - a cruel tradition i' m afraid!
Tomorrow i am leaving Berlin - oh! i wish i could stay at least for a couple of days, to enjoy this beautiful city and relax a bit, but i know it is impossible for me to stay any longer - work issues. See you back in Athens, we have so much to tell!

I truly wish a peaceful and wonderful Easter weekend to all of you!


photo via pinterest.com


For The Love Of Photography - Kostas Kapsianis

Hello, i am so excited i am flying to Berlin tomorrow for the Hive but i am also so glad today to make this post.
 It is about Kostas Kapsianis a very talented Greek photographer whose work i deeply admire.
The thing about photography is that, like every other kind of art, it can transform a simple picture of life to magic. What really turns me on with photography is the game of illusion, the way a man can create beauty by using the light or the absence of it and a camera. Fact, we can not all be photographers and we can not all see the picture beyond the image, the photo beyond reality and that's the beauty it, the surprising way we all see the world, through different eyes, artists or not!

I wish you a beautiful day, 
Love, K.

images via kostaskapsianis.gr


Am I A Fashion Lover? - Yes!

The more i get involved with fashion the more addicted i get. I was always in love with beautiful clothes and beautiful style but now that i see the whole process from the inside, how really difficult it is to create something and then manage to get it into production, now i get to love and respect it a lot more. Especially when we are talking about timeless style and high quality fabrics like the cocoandsilk.com philosophy!
Lately i am receiving many e-mails from women, requesting me to help them create their independent style or organize their wardrobe. It is something that never occurred to me i could have done and although i find it so challenging and creative, i am afraid i do not have the time to handle it.
On the other hand, the more close i get to finally open my Internet boutique the more excited i get, it took me so much time and cost me a lot of pain, sleepless nights and effort, but i feel i love this new baby so much! There are literally thousands of ideas that come and go into my head, i am already thinking of my next project which is going to combine fashion with yoga and pilates, i could not be more thrilled!!!

Then again, no matter how limited my time is, i can never stop writing here, this blog is my open window to you and my therapy, my detox from work - and much cheaper than a visit to a shrink - and speaking of this blog, i am really looking so forward for my upcoming visit to Berlin for The Hive Conference, i can not stop dreaming about it and how wonderful it is going to be! You still have time to get your tickets in case you are interested, we are going to have such a nice time, and meet each other and talk and spend two wonderful creative days with amazing people, in this wonderful city!

Do have the most beautiful day!
Love, K.

images created by cocoandsilk via polyvore


Make My Friday - A Week With No Gluten

During the last three years i gained almost 9kilos and started to have many health problems and allergies.
At first i could not realize what was really happening with my body and i thought it was my sugar addiction that created all the problems, at least my weight gain problems - which is absolutely true to a point.
On the other hand it was obvious to me that something was very wrong with my nutrition habits, till one day a doctor talked to me about gluten and realized i had a problem. Anyway i am not going to speak about things that are already known to many of you - i suppose i am not the only one with gluten disorder eh? The thing is, it took me quite a long time to decide and change the way i was feeding myself even though i knew i had a problem. This month my disorder hit red , same with my weight so it was time to play seriously. I am now in week three of my 'gluten free diet', i can't tell i have seen a difference with my body and my weight -that's probably  because i still eat a tone of honey every morning - but most of my health problems have already disappeared or have become less annoying.

What is really strange with my gluten story is how much time i needed to really - really change my nutritional habits, is there a food addiction to certain ingredients or is it just me? Do you have any similar example?

Hope you all have a joyful and healthy weekend!

Love, K.

 photos by cocoandsilk


Nikos Markou a Greek Photographer - Artist

As i have already told you, lately i am taking some photography lessons, they did not really helped me to be a better photographer - i don't think i will ever be one - but i came in touch with the work of some amazing artists and their work. One of them is Nikos Markou who lives and works in Greece. 
Looking at his pictures make me forget just about everything and travel into the landscape. It is not the theme but the feeling he can create with his photos that make them so different, minimal and clear view, whispering pictures and silent voices, so beautiful!

Do have a wonderful time whatever you're up to!
Love, K.

images via Nikos Markou