White ...For Summer

As summer days are getting hotter and hotter i tend to put more and more white all around. I
prefer white sheets from colored ones, white dresses and if possible white light dinner dishes. The thing about white is that it creates an instant feeling of freshness, a kind of summer breeze, a cool oasis. And as summer gets stronger i like to make things simpler, more minimal, more light.

Living in Greece under the blessed Mediterranean light means we do not have to worry a lot about colors, everything is looking nice with a dash of sunshine and unlike Scandinavian homes let's say, we can be very challenging when experimenting with our color choices whilst in the Greek islands traditional and modern architecture houses look beautiful with white.

These beautiful photos coming from vogueliving.tumblr.com can be useful for lots of ideas and they are a bliss for the eyes.

Love, K.


Make my Friday, Summer Pasta

I am a giant friend of pasta, but then again who isn't? It's easy to make, nutritious, absolutely delicious and children love to eat it. 

Most food blogs have a whole chapter dedicated to pasta with so many recipes to share, but to me nothing compares with the summer pasta. It can be eaten warm or cold, it can be a wonderful first plate and a main dish for a light dinner as well. And.. we can mix all these juicy summer stuff with it, make it spicy or kind, once i made a spaghetti with just some spearmint, a lemon and garlic, we ate it in a starry summer night with some cold white wine and it was divine! This is pasta, simple and uncomplicated, as food ought to be.

Send me your recipes, i would love to try them....
Love, K.

all photos via summer-pasta


Australia meets Madrid meets Athens?

When you live in Athens and you hear the word...Kolonaki, all you can think about is the pricy area of Athens with the hip cafes and the expensive boutiques .... ehhh ....  well, No!

Looking at frankie magazine the other day i found a Spanish (Madrid based) label named kolonaki and I'm sorry my friends but i am an Athenian so i have to say this is making me very glad, a Spanish label with an Athenian name, sounds good! Now, another thing is, the clothes are so wonderful, with a decadent lady like feel, they are nothing but adorable.

Once more i get very excited this magic thing named ''the internet'' exists, so i can read an Austarlian magazine, find out a beautiful Spanish fashion label, named after an area of my beloved city! Nice!

Have fun,
Love, K.

 photos via kolonaki blog



Funny thing about time, we never think of it when we are very young, but then again when do we stop being young?

Well, this week i realized i do grow older and you know why? My daughter is going to join high school in September and before i knew it she is saying goodbye to all children habits, she is becoming a beautiful young girl, she is growing up so wonderfully and this my dears means i grow up with her as well... OK i did not discovered the wheel i know, it is just that sometimes we live life using the autopilot and i remember the words of Woody Allen - i think - that 'life is what's happening around you when you spend time wondering about life'.

Anyway, as i grow older i realize how much my priorities are changing, my biggest ambition is to be healthy and be a good mother for C and watch her grow and bloom.
It is so true that when we realize the importance of everyday moments, we start to appreciate and value time in a different way.

Love you all, K.

photos by cocoandsilk


Make my Friday...Summer in the Greek Islands

Every year when summer is here, i can't wait to have my  - small - vacation, a few calm days in a Greek island. This year i am so happy we made it and stole a few days for the first taste of summer in July, August you can wait!

Many times i have felt how lucky we are to live in this blessed corner of the earth, and despite all the difficulties we have during the late years, this small country can still be one of the best destinations, the weather, the beauty, the food and the people, (not all of them), are a very strong reason to visit.

For me a summer vacation to an island equals to: Swim a lot , eat a lot, read a lot, sleep a lot, lough a lot , oh and the other thing...you know...but we can do all these everywhere, only they taste better under the Aegean sun and a tomato with basil and oregano. 

What ever you do have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Love, K.


...and Did it My Way

I know sometimes i get very emotional but lately i have been thinking so much of all the  songs  i loved in my life, and i still do and they sure mean something to me.

One of these songs it is Frank Sinatra's ''My Way'', i love the words and the music and the performance and most of all the meaning of it.

I am not the easiest person, i have strong ideas about how i want things to be and a very clear vision of the way i want to live my life, like many of you i am sure. Over the years I've learned it is better to speak with a clear voice and express your opinions even sometimes this may cost a job or a friend or trouble...But then again, how can you keep on walking to this magnificent road of life if you are not honest to yourself and to the people around you, if you do not fight for your principals and for your dreams, because no matter the result it is always a great effort to walk ....your way.
So, this post is dedicated to all of you my loved ones who are not heroes - and we don't even like to be ones - but definitely smile a bit when we are listening to this amazing song...


Love, K.


Six Summer Styles You Will Love

No matter the summer trends some things are classic and always in fashion. 

Style 1: It is not summer if you don't have the white dress hanging in your closet. White is the absolute summer code, like iced lemonade...

Style 2: Romance, of course we can wear lace all year round but these romantic light versions are unbeatable.

Style 3: The maxi dress, always beautiful, always female

Style 4: The skirt, i love this look, i hope you too

Style 5: Statement accessories, come on it's summer, lets be a little eccentric

Style 6: Polka dots, my partner  says i look like a granny but i love them and i wear them with everything
 all photos via here

Have a wonderful day
Love, K.


Make my Friday, My Summer Thoughts

 Last week as i was pushing myself to get over with the super market as quick as possible, i am a super market hater, my eyes caught the sun protection products. I don't know when they put them in there but i was so glad about it - this meant one thing...summer was here, it's official!

 I was always a summer ''guy'' and although i love fall and spring, winter is not an option, i like so much to relax under the sun, listening to the sea waves.
I also happen to have endless dreams about a tropical house like this one here and i can very well dream of me living in it!
Sometimes i think it would be very easy for me to live in a place that would be always summer...

This is about what i was thinking till the moment i got to the cashier and then ....puf.... the dream is gone, there is no tropical house around and i had to carry the bags all the way to the car, life can be boring sometimes! But since we have such lovely sunny days lets cheer up!

Love, K.

photos via pinterest.com


The Brave Traveler

 Traveling was and still is one of my biggest luxuries in life. After i spent some years making a brake because my daughter was very young - and i am not at all one of those lucky mothers who are not afraid to travel the world with a baby - i decided it is about time to start 'discovering' the world once more....

I'm telling you, i am a totally freak when I'm about to travel. It can take me weeks before i will choose the air company and the type of aircraft to fly,  i order the latest travel guide and begin to read it religiously, i search on the net, ask to talk to people who have traveled before me or know someone else who already had the same destination and get as many information as possible. The reason i do all these things is, because, i am such an imaginary terror stories maker, i feel unsafe for no obvious reason, i had some not so pleasant experiences long ago...But also because i am dying to see how local people live and feel in the city - country i am visiting, to get the smell of the real life, eat with them, talk to them, follow the beat of everyday tic-tac, you see, aside from all the above i am a maniac observer of every day life....everywhere...

This time we decided to start thinking about a trip to Cape Town, South Africa. I do not at all am the kind of the safari type, let alone i am not the type of forest lover, but this place has the perfect combination of nature, big city pleasures, fantastic food (very important), culture, history, plus i have never touched a toe in Africa. So, if you have any piece of useful information about Cape Town please, please, let me know. In the meantime i will take my time to start the enquiry - study! By the way have you ever heard of tropical allergies?

Love, K.

photos via here


One Step Beyond

As you may have noticed i am not posting daily anymore. That's because i have so many things to deal with lately, i have to close all the cases from my previous job - after 24 years, which i suppose will take up to six months, study a little for my Spanish lessons, working on the blog (so many things to learn), and trying to set up my new business, which i am afraid it will have to take a whole year.

This blog came out as a need to communicate and share with you, and it is something i had been thinking about many-many years before and i honestly regret for not doing it. Still i am not sure about the kind of blog i want it to be, it is more a free space of sharing thoughts and ideas. It is difficult to imagine myself posting about fashion - only, about home styling - only,  or about food - only, life is so many things...therefore let's just call it a non categorized blog.

To be in a transition in your life sometimes feels like you walk on quicksand but it can also be a creative period full of pleasant surprises, so lets hope my friends i will manage to achieve some of my future targets and to finish with the past, even though the future sometimes seems a bit foggy at the moment!

May you all have a wonderful day

Love, K.


Creativity (?)

I have a very strong admiration for creative people, you know the ones who can create miracles with a piece of cloth or a sheet of paper, who have amazing ideas about everyday life, who can make a small house look like a loft or a simple cook look like a three star restaurant dish!

What is really creativity and is it a bliss or a headache? My daughter sometimes complains she is too hungry to wait for the table to be set properly and although i am not a styling freak....the truth is, it is hard for me to eat when my eyes are not pleased! I have a constant hunger for new ideas, i love to listen to people expressing thoughts of new creative things, i spend hours and hours admiring the hundreds - or should i say thousands of blogs and it seems like it is never enough. I can never get enough of the creative beauty of every day people's life....everywhere. But the most painful of all it is when you feel that burn in your stomach and you have zillions of ideas you want to find a way to express and either you can not find the right way or you don't have the time...It is then, i stop thinking about creativity and what really means and i just close my eyes and try to rest my brain of every thought, just drink a glass of wine and you know what? It does not really matter at all whether the glass is crystal, or glass, colored or transparent, what really matters it is what's inside the glass, the wine...and the moment...and reality... and life... and simplicity...and these are the most creative moments of all!

Love, K.

photos by cocoanssilk and pinterest.com


Make my Friday, The Rope

The rope is such a lovely material to work with and you can do a million things with it.
It has a very summery feel, very mediterranean and i can imagine it all around the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. In addition it costs almost nothing, it's easy to find and you know what? i love the way it smells...have you ever noticed that dry organic smell, earthy and homey? Well, that's rope.

Looking at a home styling magazine the other day, i saw a wonderful chandelier made of rope and i thought it looked so beautiful, especially for summer-island houses, but its easy to add to city houses as well, depending the style...

From all the pictures here, the one i like the most is the rope rug. I can feel it in my toes its so, so pure and beautiful...Since summer is approaching i was thinking of maybe trying to find one for my balcony, a rope rug next to my ikea  rocking chair under the tall ficus....bliss!

Wasn't is supposed to be sunny today?

Love, K.

all photos via here