DIY gift pot

As times are getting harder and harder - financially i mean -  it is always a good idea to create something on our own as a gift to a friend, let alone the emotional value when a present has been hand made 'especially for you' .
So, when i found these beautiful pots from damask love that are really easy to make, i couldn't help but let you know, especially now that  Easter and mother's day are so close. All you have to do is follow the steps and let the inner artist come out of you. Enjoy!

Love, K.
all photos and instructions via damask love


Make my Friday, Easy DIY Projects

Lately I'm very into DIY  kind of mood. It is something i can not really say i used to enjoy till lately but somehow we change a little as time goes by, or we discover that we really like and are interested  about things we did not had  - till now - in our agenda. 

Searching through the Internet i found some super easy little projects we can do either alone or with a little help, but nothing too complicated. Starting with the picture above, the color sprayed ping pong balls light, it is so easy to be made and i would say also in different shapes.
 OK this is something I'm crazy about, i find it modern, original, low cost, a good recycling idea, and the bottles can be in different shapes or colors.
Have you ever imagined you can use your kitchen utensils like this? If so, i give you my credit!

Perfect for a holiday house, a bedroom, a kid's room and incredibly easy to make

All we have to do here is to use small pieces of paper and make our boring light holders look a lot fresher!

We all keep pieces of different kinds of fabrics and these vintage (like) fabric pin boards (or clip boards) are deadly cute, can be made even from a ten year old and create a happy effect in the kitchen, office etc.

Please tell, tell, tell if you can find a more easy to do and elegant idea for a baby's room, thank you.

Have a creative weekend, love K.
all photos and ideas via pinterest DIY

PS:  Here are two books i have already read lately, but, unfortunately i can not stock any more (no more space available). One of them is written in Greek and one in English. If anyone of you wishes to own  them (together or not- the choice is yours) i would be very glad to give them.
All you have to do is to send a message and the book(s)  will be mailed to you.


Vogue Japan's Striking Editorial

Model Magdalena Frackowiak, photographer Giampaolo Sgura and Anna Delo Russo are ''responsible'' for this remarkable photo-shoot. The results are these  - not enough words to describe the beauty  - photos. They are going to cover Vogue Japan's editorial ''Ancient Songs of Praise'', coming with May 2014 issue.

Vogue's photographers and stylists often work using the kind of imagination that is beyond boundaries and the beauty of this concept really left me speechless. I know digital technology helps but...hey...sometimes i wish i could be into their minds, explore what is happening and how can a person be so creative (jealousy)! How can anyone capture the concept, the power of it is above what words can say.

Do enjoy the photos. If it was up to me, i would place them in an Art Museum.
Have a beautiful day!

Love, K.
all photos via ftape.com and thecitizensoffashion


House in Stockholm

Most of the times when it comes to Scandinavian properties and photos -  it's all about white. This house in Stockholm, Sweden is a bit different.
First of all the wooden floor together with the pale walls create a dramatic contradiction to the house's original canvas. That taken the owners have added strong dashes of color here and there, like the living room's rug or the art and photos around the walls.
I have nothing against white, in fact it is a color i happen to like very much, but when it comes to so talented decorated homes, when i see the beautiful balance that color combinations create to a place, i take my hat off. Another reason is when you own a property in a country that you can not take day light for credit and you can count the days of sun-shining in your ten fingers, then you have to be very - very careful with color. Here we can see how the owners'  succeeded a restful, modern, peaceful and easy going with color home by keeping all the period 'ingredients' of the place and created somehow the perfect combination between old and new.

Thank you guys for letting us enjoy all these nice photos from your beautiful home.

Love, K.
all photos via housetohome.co.uk


Joana Vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos is a Portuguese artist. Her work is totally different from what we have seen until now.

Speaking about her way of creating Vasconcelos has said:'' I like to create a space for discovery, a first moment where you capture what is obvious in the piece, where you can consume it in the first instant. But as you come closer, you discover there's more to it and you start to deconstruct it''.

From 15th of January till 1st of June Vasconcelos exposes her work in Manchester Art Gallery.

Love, K.
 all photos via here and here


Eduardo Garcia Benito

The work of Eduardo Garcia Benito epitomizes unique beauty and sensibility. Garcia Benito shared his desires and beliefs with the most significant artistic movements, first in Paris and then in New York. These two cities have left their stamp all over his work. His illustrations of women often featured long, delicate necks, resembling the paintings of Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, a friend of Benito's while in Paris.

His work includes paintings, illustrations for books and international fashion magazines as he was one of the most important artist of Vogue and Vanity Fair. His style definitively captures the spirit of art deco. 

During his late years he returned to Spain and died in his country but his work still looks so modern.

Love, K.
photos via matouenpeluche.typepad.com, cylcultural.org and cocoandsilk.blogspot.com


Make my Friday, Time to eat falafel

If you like me are a middle eastern food lover, then you should absolutely try this mouth watering recipe that i found by chance. It comes from an amazing site howsweeteats.com and it is the most delicious falafel recipe i ever tasted.

I know it has been so long since i last made a post about food but i could not resist to tell you about this after i tried it myself. It's easy to make, can be eaten day or night and it can be presented with pride to a simple meal at home, or a party with friends and even kids, my daughter ate three of them!

So, visit the page, buy your stuff and you will not regret it. Bon appetit!

Love, K.
 All photos via howsweeteats.com


Constantinople, between east and west

Constantinople a city full of charm, history, culture, flavors and so much more...
The first time i traveled to The City, is was almost 25 years ago. I remember the Turkish co-driver spraying our hands with lemon cologne the minute we left the Greek borders and got into the land of Turkey, it is their way to say welcome. Back then we stayed at a cheap but clean hotel and i could see the barefoot children run after me every time i opened the door to leave the hotel. This time things were a bit different.

We landed at Ataturk airport after a short flight from Athens to spend a weekend in this lovely city. We stayed at this hotel which proved to be a very good choice. The city was completely different to what i could remember, it grew even bigger, got modernized, some areas were totally a west side story and others still had the charming taste of the east. The good thing with our friends from the other side of Bosporus is they have kept, (thank Allah), the part of their eastern culture even though they have adopted a western way of living. All in all Constantinople was and still is one of the most interesting cities to see as long as you can be a little measured every time you taste the deliciously delicious Turkish cuisine.

Love, K.

All photos via cocoandsilk.blogspot.com