New Week, New Things

Hi there!
This week is going to be so joyful as we are participating in a wonderful fashion event!
220 concept store Athens is organising a beautiful event about Greek fashion and we are more than excited to be part of it!

It is a new place dedicated to Greek fashion and Greek fashion designers, so many wonderful creative people working together and the result is rewarding! Greece is under a heavy pressure for many years  now but creativity is the best answer to anything negative, and this is why it is so super interesting for someone to live here at this period. 

For all cocoandsilk  people it will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other creatives and a chance to communicate with the press, we cannot wait for the day!

Stay tuned for more....
Have a lovely day,
Love, K



My Friday - Let There Be Light

If there could be a place on earth that I could live an eternal summer, that would be the perfect place for me!

One of the reasons I love Athens so much is the magical light of Attica, the wonderful blue sky that makes you stand still under the worse conditions, makes you move forward, gives you strength and hope that everything is going to be fine.

Athens is one of the most beautiful cities for someone to live - this is strictly my own opinion, not to be misunderstood - and I never would leave this city by choice.
Athens is a great source of inspiration for me and it's a place where I love to work and every single piece of summer collection was inspired by the Athenian way of life, the woman of Athens city!
This place has a wonderful history, a super attractive decadent aroma, hundreds  of young people are living under a creative fever and the city is a (high) pressure cooker ready to explode!

Kostas Avgoulis with his magic photography and Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis with his sense of style captured this feeling so beautifully, I could never have managed to do it without their help , their support and cutting edge eye.
Cocoandsilk is an urban inspired, Athens based brand and we love the way this reflects to our work.
Dedicated urban lovers and fashion lovers is it? Why do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend
Love, K.

Photographer: Kostas Avgoulis
Model: Nata Kas
Graphic design: Panos Pitsilidis


Hello, hello

Has it been ages or has it been ages?

Since it's been so long from the last time i am so glad i have new things to share, like these amazing photos from summer campaign.

Things run really fast and here in cocoandsilk we are so happy to work on new things, it is a very creative period for us and we really love it!
And... as summer is getting closer and closer we'll be here to celebrate it with you, creating beautiful and easy to wear pieces and getting ready to hit the coastlines!

Enjoy your day,
Love, K.

photorapher: KOSTAS AVGOULIS
model: NATA KAS
graphic design: PANOS PITSILIDIS