Make my Friday, The Etsy Thing

I like etsy very much and all the independent artists and designers that create wonderful things. So when i discovered these amazing vintage dresses i was like, oh my God, i have to tell.

I am in love with girlie vintage dresses even if they are not my style, but i like it so much when i see women wear them! There is a sense of innocence and romance about them and also you are not going to find them been worn every second corner.  Also there is a pair of post cards, they are so so beautiful!
Is this that i am so  deeply romantic or are they so attractive i can't resist, i wonder...

Have a wonderful weekend my friends

Love, K.



A few days ago while i was checking Zara and their site, i had a pleasant surprise. They seemed to had some very nice changes, like the clothes were not simply worn by tall, ultra thin models but they also added some very nice pictures. It looks like the girls are going at work, or are just ready to have a coffee and they really seem natural, the colors are also amazing and the places for the photo shoots very real life (only with strong color).
I don't have a problem with the tall, ultra thin girls, i know if i was a fashion designer i would probably hire a girl like that - this is reality - but i truly liked the photos and how realistic they seem. I always had a passion about color and photography so every time i find something fresh i get very happy. Maybe it is about time I'll start working with instagram at last. OK, that's it. Have a wonderful day!

Love, K.

photos via zara.com


Color Game

Many times i have express the opinion of how color choices affect our homes, even our feelings and mood. For me color is the most important thing, the base where we can start building a whole idea of anything, whether it is about our dress code or our home styling. A well combined color theme creates calm and happy feelings, while strong not well related colors can give us even headaches...
Harmony is a key word no matter the palette. Here are some photos of my super favorite shop fenton and fenton and God they sure know how to play the coloring game!

Love, K.


Easy steps for a Blissful Bedroom

It is where we rest, hide, relax, share moments, it is our secret cave, the bedroom. A room not often visible to our guests, it is a place we can create any mood we like because it is private and represents only us, our needs and our likes. There are some simple tips we can follow to create a room for relaxed and calm nights and late weekend mornings.

Display things you love. They may be your books, art collection, family and friends photos, or even your favorite pair of shoes, if it makes you happy, it has a place.

Choose the right light, it is very important to know that. Strong or soft, be sure to fulfill your needs.

Create a mood. What kind of person are you? Would you like your bedroom to look like a boudoir, are you a girlie kind of woman, a tomboy, or you need a balance to represent two?

Play with color. Strong colors can create amazing and dramatic results...

Play with texture, different layers of sheets and blankets are making a statement.

And the most important...do your thing, the ultimate rule here - there are no rules.

Love, K.


Make my Friday, DIY ideas

When i saw this Lego storage i got so exited i ran into my daughter's room to find if she still had that old Lego box.
I am not that good in the DIY story and i truly envy people who manage to create miracles using their hands. But i have the will and the spirit to try, after all it is not something too hard to do. In addition, i have a strong difficulty to throw away empty glass jars, and teen jars, i find every possible reason to reuse them - i think I'm in love with domestic glass for years - and adding fresh flowers does not take much effort right?

Now that we are so close to start having  our dinners outside you can try it, put every kind of green and flower into your glass jars and bring this freshness and beauty all around. Last but not least, if you do have a backyard, take a look at this amazing blackboard that will make your children or grandchildren forget about everything else...

Have a blissful weekend.

Love, K.


Wallpaper love

I remember when i was a child, every respectful house in the city (that is Thessaloniki), had a room decorated with wallpaper. During the 50's (this i could not remember but i have seen many movies) wallpaper was a strong decorating trend at least in Greece - Britain for ex. was always a wallpaper lover no matter the era - but here things were a bit different.  By the 80's wallpaper was like an evil spirit needed to be exorcised from home and so it was. It's been some years now that things started to change and looks like wallpaper is here to stay. 
Personally, i like it a lot and i have a million ideas how i could use it at home if my partner was not that against it. Anyway this is a battle with no final result yet, so i will keep you informed, in the meantime designers are creating miracles with wallpaper and every year, colors, themes and textures are better and more tempting...Gee I'm that close to find the perfect one that will make my bedroom a completely different room....have i ever mentioned how much i like to renovate rooms?

Love, K.