Make My Friday, A Bit Of Luxury

Hi there, it is Friday and weekend is on the way for you and for me to get some fun and rest!

This year i decided to be very careful with the cosmetics i use and to keep it as simple as possible. Looks like the minimalistic fever has touched all my everyday routine. Anyway, last week i discovered Argentum and because there has been almost years since i bought something for my face, i ordered their products, a face cream and a body cream - and my credit card is out of order for the next month - did it worth it? Absolutely! Pleasant surprise number one: the moment you have the products delivered it is total joy, so beautiful packaging you just do not want to take the out of their cocoon. Pleasant surprise number two: the products are amazing. I had an instant relief to my body that always seem to suffer from allergies and red spots. Also my face feels so calm and hydrated, i love the feeling. I know it is not always easy to get pricey stuff but maybe once in a while it feels nice doing it.

Have a wonderful weekend, 
Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk


Inspirational Sources

Hello and have a beautiful Wednesday!
We had a pretty  interesting beginning of the week here in Greece with the elections and all that, but life has to go on...thank God!

These days i am kicking my ass too hard to be as creative and productive as it can be and i really find an extremely huge amount of relief using  some wonderful platforms like Tumblr for ex. that is full of wonderful blogs to follow and get inspired from. For me, creativity is like oxygen , i can't live without it and once you begin there is really no turning back. I just wish i had more time to work, read and learn, 24h are not enough at all, especially when you are also a full time mom. But then again, life is not easy for anyone of us so....

This year is going to be exciting, i will have to travel a lot, which makes me feel even happier and i really can't wait to see all things happening.

Have a blissful day,

Love, K.

p.s check out those inspirational blogs here , here and here

all photos via Tumblr


The Trade show

Helloooo, i hope you had a great weekend!
Last week i visited the Athens Trade Show, i was looking for a specific garment and i had an information that the Greek importer was going to be there, so i had to do my best to find what i was looking for....yes detective Coco, the mission was a success!

Anyway, this was my first time to meet all the Greek importers and creative people around fashion and i was so glad to meet and talk with them, exchange information and learn a lot. 
I left after spending almost my whole day there, thank God there were many small 'coffee and snack'  units so anyone could have a brake.

All in all was a wonderful experience and i am so glad i am becoming a member of this wonderful community!

Have a joyful Monday!
Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk


Make My Friday, Organic Beetroot Salad

Hello my darlings, i hope you are doing your best to have a good time and deal with the everyday craziness!
It is not long ago that  i learned i have a food disorder to gluten - amongst other health problems - and my daily menu has changed pretty much. I always used to eat a lot of greenery but as i grow, i tend to eat more and more of everything that comes from earth. Some years ago i even had the idea to open a small restaurant that would only serve raw food, salads and green juices but this never came out and i regret it somehow.

Anyway, today i am talking about the simplest salad ever, extremely healthy - i am sure all my Greek friends know the recipe - it is nothing new or special but it is so simple and honest i just love it! Usually i prefer to buy organic but if it not your thing, there is no problem.

So, after i have boiled the beetroots  - 4 to 5 small roots - i cut them into small, thin pieces. I only use then salt, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a clove of garlic-(smashed)- and some sesame for looking more interesting. That's it, can it be any easier? I know a lot of people prefer the 'yogurt-beetroot' version but i prefer to eat the earthy taste of the root, only thing i can add? - more garlic, i am not ashamed to admit i absolutely love garlic...sorry! Of course, then it'll have to be a no kiss-kiss day or night....you can never have it all finally!

See you on Monday, have a wonderful weekend!
Love, K.

salad bowl bought from IKEA
fork bought from Stockholm - vintage
tea towel bought from Zara Home

all photos by cocoandsilk


My Life With Candles

Hello there, it is Wednesday already and i believe, you, like me, are also surprised how quickly the days are running! 
Anyway, today i am going to show you my latest buys,  not extravagant and  not pricey  it is not possible to have not candles in my place! While in Thessaloniki i did some shopping for my house and of course i bought a respectful amount of candles! There is something in the beautiful light they create that makes me feel calm and peaceful. It is most common in my place to light them especially in the cold winter months, during summer i like to place them  around the balcony and keep all the lights turned off, romantic ha?....i know....

Another thing is during the past i had some discomfort when the wax had a strong smell, so i was very happy to discover, at last, many unscented versions in very well designed glass containers. I took mine from  H&M home but i suppose they are available in many other shops. I really would like to create my own candles in the future...i think it is not that hard, and i could  fill all the empty containers i have with wax. Have you got any ideas?

See you on Friday!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk


Here We Go Again

Hello, happy Monday!
You know what is the most scary thing that ever happened to my life? Well, it is what i am doing right now, meaning...trying to set up a new business. Besides the fact that things in Greece are pretty much fucked up this period - pardon my French - this is something i could never imagine i would do , i mean ever!
Anyway, life is full of surprises, good or bad, so it is a big surprise for me  to be here , setting this cocoandsilk thing and while i work, i see my place changing every day, fabrics are all around, fashion designs here and there and endless search for finding the right people to work with and discover all the good suppliers. On the other hand this process has made me more brave and opened new doors to my life. Also i have decided to change a lot of things about this blog (the blog is an endless love affair) and i am so excited for this! Oh, i really missed you through the weekend and i am all talking-taliking today!

Have a beautiful day
Love, K.

p.s yes, i did some cleaning before the photoshooting

all photos by cocoandsilk


Make My Friday - It Is Black

Hello, I am so glad it is Friday!

You know, this winter for me is a lot about black. I wear black almost all my life but this particular period i have perhaps overdone it, seems like i can't get enough of it.
Black is a color that makes us look grate and gorgeous every time. I like the way it works with all the other colors especially with white which is my all time favorite choice - unless winter months. C has started to wear a lot of black and i like to observe the way she tries to define her own style. OK, we are not the Adams family but it certainly walks a lot of black around...

See you on Monday, have a lovely weekend!

Love, K.

all photos via alpha design


3-D Printing

Hello there and how are you doing?!
A couple of days ago i was able - at last - to visit the '3d printing' exhibition at Onassis Cultural Center. It is the first major exhibition in Greece dedicated to this new technology and it is about Art, Fashion, Product design and more.

During the exhibition are also taking place workshops where people can 'create-print' their new object(s). 
It is fascinating to see all tomorrow's technology and how our lives are going to change in the future.
So in a few years, all we have to do is design the chair of our dreams and in two hours time this particular chair is going to sit with pride in our living room. Simple, creative, provocative, magical. It may sound like a cliche΄ but looks like the future is here ...Welcome!

Have a wonderful day!

Love, K.

All the objects above were 'made - printed' by 3d printers
all photos by cocoandsilk


Small Apartment Love

Hi there and have a happy Monday!

I am so amazed by this wonderful apartment that looks so airy and spacious but is only 49 square meters, yeap, you got it right, 49!!! I know it is hard for everyone of us to be under the rules of minimalism but this is an excellent example that less is really more! I wish i could transform my place and create a light space like this one. 

Love, K.

photos via here


Make My Friday, Life In Black And White

Hello there,
last night i spent some time playing with black and white. Since i love these two colors so much, i tried to see a small part of the world  - in this case the part of my photo camera - using my poor knowledge in photoshop.
Oh, and the cat ears are coming from C's shadow who denied to take of her warm cap during the whole week.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk