My Friday - Love

These days are all about a very close person of mine and some serious health problems.

Many times i have considered myself so blessed for all the things i have lived, all the moments i have shared, all the happy days that are yet to come. And above all i now that the most important thing of all is to love and to be loved, cause otherwise nothing really matters....

I wish you a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday
Love, K.

main photo via cocoandsilk.tumblr.com


Summer Collection And Summer Mood

In a world of imaginary i would only work for everything summer - y. Light silk dresses, long cotton tunics, loose pants to wear barefoot, transparent tops and linen jackets, and you know what? I would be totally happy!

When i finished this summer's collection and had my first samples ready, the whole studio looked like June had come suddenly after Christmas. I could happily wear almost all of them if i wouldn't look like the crazy woman who wears ivory silk pants in the middle of winter...crazy yes, but so elegant!
Don't get me wrong, i love wool especially when mixed with silk :)) but to my opinion,
 nothing compares to the lightness and softness of cotton, silk, linen and all these amazingly lovable summer fabrics!

Now i can hear you snow lovers, i know you can not share my passion for hot days but i can't help it, just give me a free sunny day to walk around the city wearing my light dress with a pair of sandals and that's it, i'm happy! Maybe it's on my Greek DNA but everything looks so much perfect on summer! 

Coming back to the reality of February, here we have a new week to run and it is not going to be the easiest one, so i really wish you a fresh new start and a lovely Monday and let's just hope it is going to be a sunny one!

Love, K.

images by Fotis Karapiperis


My Friday - Three Days In Paris

It's been one year since I visited Paris, remember this post loooong  ago!
Now this year i was visiting for the same reason / Premier Vision / only this time i was totally alone with too many things to do, extremely limited time to work and a bloody cold weather!

I left Athens in a warm spring early morning and found myself a few hours later in deep winter! But Paris is always Paris, nothing not to love about this city, although i was literally crashing on my bed every night, i had a lovely walk (a few hours before i left) in Montmartre while snowing, had the most wonderful hot chocolate, ate French onion soup, drank a lot of wine, did dome shopping for C. and most of all i met some of the best fabric agents during the show, i was so in love with what i saw, i still dream of colours and silkies!

I have to admit i was not in the best mood when i left Athens, i was very stressed with all the work i left behind and for leaving my girl, maybe i am a pathetic mother, i just can't help it! But the moment i set foot on the exhibition centre, i could not stop dreaming of new designs, new fabrics, new everything, i was living a creative fever! 

Came back totally overloaded and full of wonderful moment to think about. so one thing has left for me to say: i will be there next year again, Paris you got me!

Have a most beautiful weekend
Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk


My Friday - Cocoandsilk Summer Collection

Ok, i know,
patience is not my stronger thing, and even though we are not yet ready with the photos, it is impossible for me not to give you a small taste of what it is to come.

This collection is a totally summer in the city philosophy, think work during the day and just relax with a summer cocktail during the evening in one of the city's beautiful places, wearing your cotton or linen or silk city uniforms and feel beautiful every hour!

Plans for this season are big, a summer campaign is on the way and many more, even a flagship store is soon to be ready and i am having all these wonderful plans to run the brand , i receive so much love from our clients, really thank you guys you are amazing!
A few days ago we even made our first sale in Australia, how exciting can this be?

Words are not enough to thank all the people who worked with cocandsilk

I wish a wonderful weekend to all of you
Love, K

p.s greek salad sandals love you!

Images by Fotis Karapiperis, edited by cocoandsilk


Backstage video

cocoandsilk photoshoot backstage from konstantina alveratsidou on Vimeo.

Hi there, 
I really can't wait to share some backstage moments with you, so no matter the quality of light and the way I was trying to get a video between running up and down to help with the process, this a raw material before anything else is ready and i looove to upload it here so you can enjoy the hidden moments of the photoshoot.

It is my turn to thank my wonderful photographer and good friend Mr Fotis Karapiperis, for all the support and good work
Mr Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis and Ethical Ode, my stylist and voice of inspiration
Mrs Jelena Doncic and Ace Models for being so helpful and kind
and Studio Verve where the photoshoot took place

A very warm ''thank you'' to Greek Salad Sandals  and Fish Bone Design for their kind offer!

Thank you all!

Enjoy the video,
Love, K.


My Friday - This Can Better, Or Not?

Today we are working on cocoandsilk summer collection, photoshooting...all afternoon and probably till night.
When you work on something you have invested so much soul and passion, you are always very stressful about the final result. I strongly trust my people but can't stop wondering... are we going to manage and pass the message, what this new collection is about and if a single photograph can capture the philosophy behind each piece? Truth is, it can't... Is this disappointing? Hell yes, but we have to be practical, no one can spend a whole day just to get one pic, unless you are a heavy brand!

Small fashion brands are fighting with uncounted difficulties to survive, retailers are tough, fabric factories and dealers do not give you a normal price unless you stock fabric for the next two decades, magazines are asking half your life to make a small commend about your work and almost no one  really pays any attention to what you are trying to do till the moment you become ''someone''...

Then you can ask, why any rational human being will decide to work for fashion? 
I guess there is only one answer....cause it's passion, something that you love to do every day, no matter all the difficulties and no matter the risk.

See you on Monday,
Love, K.


Escape To Art

This last weekend was a madness.
I had to work from early day till very late and not under the best environment. 
Thanks to my good luck, my partner and a very good friend of mine, I was escaping every night - after finishing work - to the land of art, it was the perfect brain clearance after a terrible day!

So many times i have spoken about art and how important is to everyone of us, art is healing, it is a strong medicine for our brain and our soul and an endless source of inspiration and power.

This week is going to be pretty busy also, not to complain, i am going to have a small trip in the middle of the month and i am so happy about it. Although it is a business trip, i really need some days away from my always beloved Athens!

February came with the best of intentions, an amazing day in Athens, looks like spring is already here... so i wish you a wonderful month and let it be an artful one!

Love, K.