Winter Collection

So proud to present cocoandsilk winter's collection!

Love, K.

all photos by Kostas Avgoulis
art Pitsyboy

Thank you!


Monday Love

This summer is the most amazing i have lived during the years! I mean i had so many fascinating projects running by the same time that even though sometimes i had to keep myself not to crush down, it was the most exciting and productive period of my life!

First of all i feel so blessed with all the support i have form friends, family and people around, cocoandsilk grows slowly but steadily and it was such a huge success to manage and open our first shop! 220 CONCEPT STORE ATHENS is a place that welcomes our collection but also the amazing work of greek designers - i will make another post about this - and it is the most inspiring place to visit!

Also, i am super excited about an upcoming trip to Copenhagen later this week, i think it has been ages since i traveled for the last time. I am not very pleased with the weather report, but since it is only a small interval it is fine with me. I am just crazy about Greek summer and i can't wait to have my summer vacation / still not too close though!

That is pretty much till today, i wish you a wonderful new week and don't forget to keep the summer vibes alive and kicking!

Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk



It really feels strange when it's been so long since I wrote a new post, blogging is something that needs dedication and a very sharp daily schedule, something impossible for me... :( ... for now....

My daily plans keep on changing every half an hour and I am sorry to admit I am not at all pleased but it is something I must learn to live with it!

Aside from my problems due to lack of time, life runs so fast I can barely follow, not good! Time has a different value for every one of us and I never, but never can remember myself having enough....Which reminds me how much i have to run to be ready for this winter and the next summer!
Saying this I go back to work and wish you the very best week!

Love, K.


My Friday - Summer, Summer Here You Are

Hello, I know I am not uploading a post so often any more but there is a good reason for this, ever since the campaign began, things ran wild and I am so under pressure but so happy also!

Cocoandsilk is getting stronger and this really makes me  glad as i have invested a lot of effort and emotion on this project.

Of course no sad thought can beat the summer mood, all I can dream about is the blue sea and small white houses, this summer came earlier - we are pretty hot in Athens - and I am counting the days for my small escape to the islands....Till this day comes I wish you a wonderful weekend and lots of summer vibes!

Love, K.

photo: Kostas Avgoulis
styling: Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis
design: Panos Pitsilidis
model: Nata Kas


New Week, New Things

Hi there!
This week is going to be so joyful as we are participating in a wonderful fashion event!
220 concept store Athens is organising a beautiful event about Greek fashion and we are more than excited to be part of it!

It is a new place dedicated to Greek fashion and Greek fashion designers, so many wonderful creative people working together and the result is rewarding! Greece is under a heavy pressure for many years  now but creativity is the best answer to anything negative, and this is why it is so super interesting for someone to live here at this period. 

For all cocoandsilk  people it will be a wonderful opportunity to meet other creatives and a chance to communicate with the press, we cannot wait for the day!

Stay tuned for more....
Have a lovely day,
Love, K



My Friday - Let There Be Light

If there could be a place on earth that I could live an eternal summer, that would be the perfect place for me!

One of the reasons I love Athens so much is the magical light of Attica, the wonderful blue sky that makes you stand still under the worse conditions, makes you move forward, gives you strength and hope that everything is going to be fine.

Athens is one of the most beautiful cities for someone to live - this is strictly my own opinion, not to be misunderstood - and I never would leave this city by choice.
Athens is a great source of inspiration for me and it's a place where I love to work and every single piece of summer collection was inspired by the Athenian way of life, the woman of Athens city!
This place has a wonderful history, a super attractive decadent aroma, hundreds  of young people are living under a creative fever and the city is a (high) pressure cooker ready to explode!

Kostas Avgoulis with his magic photography and Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis with his sense of style captured this feeling so beautifully, I could never have managed to do it without their help , their support and cutting edge eye.
Cocoandsilk is an urban inspired, Athens based brand and we love the way this reflects to our work.
Dedicated urban lovers and fashion lovers is it? Why do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend
Love, K.

Photographer: Kostas Avgoulis
Model: Nata Kas
Graphic design: Panos Pitsilidis


Hello, hello

Has it been ages or has it been ages?

Since it's been so long from the last time i am so glad i have new things to share, like these amazing photos from summer campaign.

Things run really fast and here in cocoandsilk we are so happy to work on new things, it is a very creative period for us and we really love it!
And... as summer is getting closer and closer we'll be here to celebrate it with you, creating beautiful and easy to wear pieces and getting ready to hit the coastlines!

Enjoy your day,
Love, K.

photorapher: KOSTAS AVGOULIS
model: NATA KAS
graphic design: PANOS PITSILIDIS



New Shop For Cocoandsilk

Hi there! 

It's been ages since i uploaded the previous post but i had so many things to do!!!! No news is good news as they say,  the reason i was so terribly busy was the work i had to do with  a wonderful concept store that opened it's doors in Athens (Psychico area) and i was working like crazy for the interior and also for my collection to have a full presentation in this magical place!

It was the first time that my two great loves, interior design and fashion design came together and no matter how much the work, i really loved every minute of it!

This place is a totally new baby, a gathering of amazing greek designers like Levinia Konyalian Atelier , Di Gaia , Kooreloo , Marmarometry and yeeeeey me cocoandsilk. The store's name is 220 (which happens to be my lucky number, now how strange is this?).... You can imagine how happy and excited i feel with all these new things running together!

Till next post i will leave you with some photos from 220 and promise to give you new feed asap!

Have a wonderful new week

Love, K.

p.s A huuuuuge thanks to Kare design for all the amazing furniture!

photos by cocoandsilk


About A Photograph

When i met Mr Kostas Avgoulis  it was love at first sight! It is not such a usual thing to meet someone who understands every single word of what you're saying and in addition to make you move forward with his ideas and work ethos.
Our summer campaign came in a very crucial moment and it was more than a joy to work with him.
Of course i will always remember who is the person behind this work and supported all the idea from the very beginning, credits on you my dearest D. G.

I consider my self very lucky to work with all this amazing people and i surely wish you will love this work as much as i do.

Have a wonderful day
Love, K.

photograph: Kostas Avgoulis
model: Nata Kas

dress: cocoandsilk
jewelry: fishbone


Small Story

It is a hot summer late noon, Athens is flaming from summer heat...this girl wants to have a five minutes rest, just to close her eyes for a bit and let her mind travel to the light blue aura of the Greek islands, to feel the smell of the sea!
She finds a dark room and just lets her body relax, her eyes are getting heavy, soon she walks into the land of dreamers but the sun finds a way to reach her sweet face and play with her blond hair.... you can never escape from him!

A small story coming form cocoandsilk

Model : Nata Kas
Photographer: Kostas Avgoulis
Story Teller and Styling: Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis

All clothing: cocoandsilk
Sandals: DiGaia
Jewelry: Marmarometry


Campaign Begins

It was an amazing moment when we had our main campaign picture ready to print.
This summer cocoandsilk is making a dynamic opening to the market, at last a proper campaign and most important of all, our first shop is going to open very soon in one of the city's most prestigious neighbourhoods.
With all new things on air and the new collections on the way you can realise how much we are loaded with positive vibes. Also wonderful new collaborations are on the way, so nice to meet and work with talented people!

Thank you for all the love and support!

photo: kostas avgoulis
model: nata kas
jewellery: marmarometry


A Small Taste Of Summer Campaign

Hello, and a lovely new week to everyone!

I had a very hard time to decide if it was OK to publish some photos from cocoandsilk summer campaign, but since i am counting a few days before the campaign will go public, i guess a small shot won't hurt anyone!

It is the first time we have worked in such a scale, and what we got really blows my mind! 
I hope you will love the result as much as i do!

Enjoy your day
Love, K.

photographer / Kostas Avgoulis
modelNata Kas
hair and make upPantelis Toutountzis

Sandals Di Gaia

Thank you all


Black And White Days

We are living the black and white days, we are fighting to differentiate good from evil, we remain speechless against the power of hate, we still have hope and a secret smile to keep us going, we can find beauty under the most difficult circumstances,  and we are never going to stop believing in the good inside every human being!

Have a nice day
Love, K.

Publication: Fat Magazine #4
Model: Fei Fei Sun
Photographer: Hugh Lippe


My Friday - Without Doubt (?)

Whenever comes to a great photo i see, a wonderful work of creative people who give their (more than) best to get a beautiful result, aside from deeply admiring it, i always wonder if they had moments in their lives that felt really down, asking themselves about the quality of their work and how they fought these cruel periods.

Lately i live in a creative fever but the more i need to create the more i have doubts about my work. Creative process is often painful and hard, completely the opposite of what most of the people imagine. My friends always say how lucky i am to work and make a living from this job (let me smile ironically here) but i know it is not completely true...there is almost nothing glamorous or exciting but hard/hard work and endless days and nights of stress and self doubting!

I do not regret about what i am doing because i do it with passion and it is an inner need that pushes me to keep on working when everything seem to be against and i know this is the price everyone has to pay when living in the planet of creatives and freelancers. And finally this is the reason i respect every beautiful image that i happen to see in a magazine, a blog or anywhere else. Cause i know a lot of people worked truly, really hard so me and thousands of others can now enjoy the beauty of what they produced.

Enjoy your weekend
Love, K.

Publication: Vogue Italia March 2016
Model: Anna Cleveland
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø
Fashion Editor: Patti Wilson