3, 2, 1 Happy 2015!!!

Cocoandsilk wishes you the most sweet and tender 2015!
All my love, 


Winner 2014 Home

If there was a most stylish house of the year prize and if it was up to me to give this prize, i would definitely give it to this amazing place.
I hope you agree.

Ready for the new year?

Love, K.


Make My Friday, Festive Days

Hi there, 
i wish you had the most wonderful Christmas and you enjoyed the day. 
These days are most about  love,  thinking about it i could not find anything to express love better than these adorable creatures.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, K.


And So It Is Christmas

I would like to wish to all of you Merry Christmas, good health , love and joy for you and you loved ones.

Love, Konstantina


Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

We are only a few days before Christmas and i can't stand to share with you an amazing soundtrack
  - and film - i always like to listen and enjoy when Christmas is coming. First of all it is not exactly the kind of Christmas tale as we know it, secondly is reminds me of a wonderful period of my life (kids days) and finally, like probably too many of you out there, i am a big fun of David Bowie.

As we are all very much into the Christmas  spirit these days, let's listen to something that is a bit different and so amazingly beautiful.
Do have a wonderful , joyful and Christmas - y week.
Love, K.


Make My Friday, All I Want For Cristmas Is...

Hi there! 
Christmas days are here and if you are looking for ideas about what to give to your loved ones, here are some lists you may find interesting...

For home
                                                                                   1  / 2 / 3  / 4

For Him

1 / 2 / 3

For Her
    1 / 2 / 3 / 4

For Kids
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

So, now you are ready!
Love, K.

Main photo via here


Christmas Decoration The Minimal Way

These  days i love to decorate our home, light the candles and spend as many hours as possible enjoying the warmness of our place.
I love so much the Christmas decoration and i used to put all my little treasures out making my house look like a small fairy tale cave, yet, these days, i am so overloaded with stuff ( i have a second project working on and is is a heavy one) , i could not really do the same, instead i only have a small tree in my sitting room and few of my Christmas decorations around the house so the place can breathe or should i say i can breathe?
Looking at my pinterest working board i realized that this year all of my choices are so  - less is more - kind of thing. See for yourself...

Have  a beautiful day
Love, K.

photos via here


Movies I Loved In 2014

 2014 was a good year for the cinema. We saw many good movies, some very special and unique films and wonderful soundtracks.
I love cinema and if a Saturday's night out includes a film, then is most possible to be a perfect way to close the week.
I had some trouble when i decided to make this post, it was not easy at all to choose which movie is on my hit list and still i feel i let some wonderful films out, but i am not a cinema critic so no problem...
Here is a list of the films i really loved a lot. 
What about you? Do you have anything to add, any disagreement? You are free to tell...

Have a beautiful day
Love, K.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
No comments. Stunning!
 A Most Wanted Man
Beautiful film and Philip Seymour Hoffman


Mientras Duermes
Amazing, if you have a doorman, think again... 

 Jimmy's Hall
 Ken Loach, always ....


The German Doctor
One of the best films, ever

So sweet and amusing
photos via ishow.gr


Make My Friday, Details

Most of the times, when looking at something or someone, we see a whole picture and after minutes or hours (depending the eye), we start to observe the details...
Details are important, they can make a huge difference in a dress, a picture, a place, they make a difference in life after all.  Some of my most preferable clothes, that i keep for many years, are still hanging in my closet because of a certain detail, maybe something that it is not easy to see but it makes a whole difference.

In my home i like to play the detail game, put items that i love in a certain way, in a certain place and finally there are the secret details of everyone's character that make us want to be close to some people and not to other.

I wish to you a most joyful weekend,
Love, K.

 photos via pinterest


In The Mood For Tea

You know how much i love to be in a beautiful place and relax and share moments with friends. One of those relaxed and joyful afternoons, i shared the other day with my friend Despina (an older post about her here ). She is such and wonderful person and has the talent to create a so beautiful and welcoming atmosphere in her home... 

Earlier the same day we had our Christmas tree done , C. was a big help, and even if the weather do not seem to remind us of  December - too hot and wet - we are making a big effort to get as Christmas - y as we can.
Anyway, we had a wonderful time , the lady of the house is an amazing host and i feel so lucky to be her friend! And at the end of the day this is what really counts, to be generous, to give and share, not because you expect to take it back , but simply because your heart tells you so...

Do have a wonderful day!
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk, main pic via here


Monday, Monday

Hello there and have a lovely week.
By the time you will read this post i will be into a small surgical room  having a light operation (not botox, ha-ha), no need to worry though. This is why i am writing this post today - Friday- and i am so glad to share these beautiful street style photos with you. Street style seem to gain points more and more and many fashion designers are following this public demand, women seem to like a lot 'kind' - soft fabrics, loose lines and easy wearable apparel  that can be worn from day to night and make us look pretty no matter what. I do not underestimate the luxury we all love in special occasions but our everyday life is now so demanding, really, who has the time to go home and change before an early glass of wine with a friend? Saying this i would really appreciate some good advices about how you manage with your time limits, i seem to be out of control all the time!

Enjoy the new week
Love, K.

photos via tumblr.com