A Small Taste Of Summer Campaign

Hello, and a lovely new week to everyone!

I had a very hard time to decide if it was OK to publish some photos from cocoandsilk summer campaign, but since i am counting a few days before the campaign will go public, i guess a small shot won't hurt anyone!

It is the first time we have worked in such a scale, and what we got really blows my mind! 
I hope you will love the result as much as i do!

Enjoy your day
Love, K.

photographer / Kostas Avgoulis
modelNata Kas
hair and make upPantelis Toutountzis

Sandals Di Gaia

Thank you all


Black And White Days

We are living the black and white days, we are fighting to differentiate good from evil, we remain speechless against the power of hate, we still have hope and a secret smile to keep us going, we can find beauty under the most difficult circumstances,  and we are never going to stop believing in the good inside every human being!

Have a nice day
Love, K.

Publication: Fat Magazine #4
Model: Fei Fei Sun
Photographer: Hugh Lippe


My Friday - Without Doubt (?)

Whenever comes to a great photo i see, a wonderful work of creative people who give their (more than) best to get a beautiful result, aside from deeply admiring it, i always wonder if they had moments in their lives that felt really down, asking themselves about the quality of their work and how they fought these cruel periods.

Lately i live in a creative fever but the more i need to create the more i have doubts about my work. Creative process is often painful and hard, completely the opposite of what most of the people imagine. My friends always say how lucky i am to work and make a living from this job (let me smile ironically here) but i know it is not completely true...there is almost nothing glamorous or exciting but hard/hard work and endless days and nights of stress and self doubting!

I do not regret about what i am doing because i do it with passion and it is an inner need that pushes me to keep on working when everything seem to be against and i know this is the price everyone has to pay when living in the planet of creatives and freelancers. And finally this is the reason i respect every beautiful image that i happen to see in a magazine, a blog or anywhere else. Cause i know a lot of people worked truly, really hard so me and thousands of others can now enjoy the beauty of what they produced.

Enjoy your weekend
Love, K.

Publication: Vogue Italia March 2016
Model: Anna Cleveland
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø
Fashion Editor: Patti Wilson


My Friday - Great Team Work

Yesterday i had a unique experience working with a really great team in a magical place!
It all went smoothly and easily, smiling faces all around, people who loved what they were doing and giving their best selves, something i am  most grateful for!
To me is a priority to listen what my team has to say and work with them with no limitations and rules so we can all move one step forward. Being able to work with gifted people and share a vision, or a plan or ''speak the same language'', this my friends is a true gift and i am so happy i had the chance to work like this!
So before the campaign will go public, i would like to say a huge thank you  to all the people who believed in me, put an effort and supported cocoandsilk, i have no words!

Photographer: Kostas Avgoulis

 Hair and Make up: Pantelis Toutountzis

ModelNata Kas

Also i would like to thank: Digaia shoes and Marmarometry for their kind offer and of course ATRIA  for the wonderful space they gave to us and their hospitality!

images by cocoandsilk


A Step Away From Great Things To Happen

Wow! It has been almost a week since i posted here, i know no excuses but boy! a lot have come on my shoulders...

This period is like the last days of a pregnancy, big news are about to come but the labour is not over yet! I work very hard to put things together but when a 'box' is closed i find another one has been opened, you know what i mean!
I wish i could say something more but i have to keep my mouth shut till everything will be ready!

So anyway, as things are running nothing makes me happier than the fact that spring is already here, soft sweet rain and a higher temperature makes me want to go out and smell the fresh air, see my friends for a coffee break and most of all i am sooooo excited for an upcoming trip at the end of next month, i can't really wait! I guess small escapes from everyday routine is one of the biggest luxuries in life...

See you on Friday and till then think spring!

Love, K.


Take A Walk Downtown.... Athens

What happens when a city is living under the pressure of a heavy social and financial crisis? 
Sometimes it becomes a live art gallery with people, buildings and everything else becoming pieces of this gallery. 
I was always in love with the hard urban face of the city but as time walks along i discover myself getting more and more excited with this place, to me Athens is an endless source of inspiration, the more it becomes wounded the more beautiful she turns, the more i get in love with it!

Two days ago i was so fed up with work i just had to go for a walk outside, just to breath some air and watch the people...i am a passionate human watcher! It was a beautiful late noon and the air was warm and kind to us, i could swear spring was here for good! I guess it was not the best hour to get the right pictures but i love this blue/grey decadent light so i really couldn't care less about the tone of it. 

Sometimes you  don't need to run away to see things in a different view, sometimes all we have to do is open our souls to everything that is next to us and let it speak to our heart.

Athens you are my eternal lover!

Have a good day

images by cocoandsilk