It Is Not Work, It Is Magic

Hi guys, it feels nice to be back to normal after the weekend - which between you and me was my first relaxed weekend after a loong time!
The thing about Mondays though is they are always very promising....to my opinion. I mean i always begin my week full of great ideas and how i am going to make them happen but on the way, many of these plans are rejected due to limitation of time, or for financial reasons.
Anyway, the more i grow the more i tend to love Mondays. Maybe that's because i so much love what i am doing right now and i can never find myself seriously complaining for the hard work, i truly love it. 

So, today i am so glad to have all the photos from the previous collection ready to upload (again), and i feel like these clothes have been designed just yesterday, which is not a total lie since i only count a few months in the industry.

Here, i really love Jenni's approach to the collection and the great job she did! 

Days are pretty busy, many projects are coming up and i would really like this winter to be like a period of endless Mondays, sounds crazy yes? But it is all about new starts, new fresh ideas and meetings with people with whom i can share and work, and mostly manage to make most of the projects become true!

Do have a lovely week and don't forget to let me know about your special Mondays :))

Love, K.

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