Make my Friday, movie rescue kit

There are days in our lives - even Fridays - we do not have the desire to go out and have fun or we feel a little sick or we are simply broke...

Over the years i managed to collect some of my most beloved films and create a super mini but super rescue movie kit cause all of the films i have chosen, i keep on watching them again and again and never get tired.

Lately I'm going  through a phase  - i prefer to stay at home, make my own drink, see a film or listen to some music (better both of them only not at the same time), relax and enjoy my home - I'm a home lover anyway...Perhaps it is the late February  tiredness, the last sadness before spring or the fact that i do not wish to smell like a smoked salmon -  one more time -  after the night fun because as you might don't know, here in the land of ancient glory we are still smoking everywhere....no further commends...

Anyway this Friday i decided to stay at home and enjoy a private film party, only i have not decided yet which movie to pick. Any ideas?

Rescue movie kit picks are:

Do have a lovely weekend.

Love, K.

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Sydney.... the sequel

 The second time we visited  Sydney it was only for three days (totally crazy), but as we were traveling back to Greece from Auckland we thought it would be great to make a stop there and it really made sense.

This time there was no wedding so we were much more relaxed, we had plenty of time to see people we love - aka cousins - visit the contemporary museum of modern art, the opera (I'm in love with it), the amazing cafes and city restaurants.

We stayed in a small studio, it was very old and smelly but the location was fantastic - in Surry Hills - close to hip Paddington , walking distance from the city center and the big shopping malls which made my daughter extremely happy (although she wasn't  allowed to shop a lot as the prices were up to high heaven).

One of the best memories i have is the coffee shop we used to have breakfast, (i think i have an obsession with food), it was called two good eggs and it was the most new-york kind of cafe i have ever visited with the most delicious breakfast i have ever tasted. Sydney has some of the most amazing book stores and  - you may find it hard to believe - the most beautiful cookbooks, i took so many i almost came back over weighted.

Every time i go to Sydney it gets better and better so now that my cousin is going to have her first  baby is the absolute opportunity for me to say: Hey, Sydney here i come!!!

Love, K.


A Chef's Organic Table

Martin Boetz was an executive chef at Longrain restaurant in Sydney's Surry Hill area.
He worked there for nearly thirteen years and he was the Sydney go-to chef for Thai cuisine. After that he decided to live in a farm, grow his own organic vegetable garden and live his dream.

The photos are from Vogue.com.au and The Australian. You can find the recipe for his wonderful 'goat's curd cake with poached quince' here and Martin's blog Cooks Co-Op

Love. K.

goat's curd cake with poached quince

photos via Vogue.com.au, theaustarlian.com

Chloe Spring / Summer 2014

The spring - summer  Chloe collection is full of  earthy tones, white, black and blue transparent fabrics. Dresses and pants that can be worn during the whole day, platform shoes and leather bags of course.

As Clare Waight Keller, the creative director of Chloe said, the collection is about  "A girl more sensual than before, a sense of sensuality through transparency".

I believe the whole collection looks just amazing. You can find Chloe's  new collection here

Love, K.


Nikos Valsamakis

Nikos Valsamakis is the most important Greek architect and one of my most beloved.

His work has the gift of perfection and he represents the mid-century design.
It is really difficult to speak about the work of a man that i admire so much so i prefer to let the photos speak for their own.

You will find more about Nikos Valsamakis here and here

Love, K.

photos via designspectrum.tumblr.com, subtilitas.tumblr.com, mimodandmore.blogspot.com, domes.firma.cc


Secret of Marimekko

Marimekko is a leading design firm, a Finnish company based in Helsinki, founded in 1951 by Armi Ratia.
Over the years Marimekko became a trademark so strong it even colored the national air company of Finland. 

But which  is the secret of Marimekko and why do we love it so much? Watch and find out...

Love, K.

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Make my Friday, Closet updating

Having your closet done can be the ultimate weekend project. It may sound unattractive to spend hours of our precious free time struggling to organize the 'dragon's cave' but the result is always rewarding.

Most of us do not have the wonderful and to die for closets or dressing rooms, but we love clothes, like to shop, enjoy to refresh our collection every season and over the years we end up (most of times because of luck of space) creating a cage of  packed and unhappy clothing.

I try to work on my closet as hard as i can so i can feel happy every time i open it and this is many  times.  Rule number one: I'm ruthless with pieces i do not wear for at least two years  - they are out - not of my closet but of my life. Give these clothes to people who would like to use them, sell them on eBay, or if you can not let them go for emotional reasons, put them somewhere they do not consume valuable space. Clothes we do not wear but we KNOW we are going to look for them later, (and by later i mean six months to a year), try to find somewhere to store them up and when you will discover them again they will give you joy like new ones. 'Organize by color' is an all time classic tip and is always working and of course always leave the clothes outside to refresh before you put them back again.

No matter how big or small, luxurious or casual, ladylike or sporty it is always a small feast to open your closet and see all the clothes you love, waiting to be chosen depending the occasion. Come on, you've got work to do...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love, K.

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