Monday Love

This summer is the most amazing i have lived during the years! I mean i had so many fascinating projects running by the same time that even though sometimes i had to keep myself not to crush down, it was the most exciting and productive period of my life!

First of all i feel so blessed with all the support i have form friends, family and people around, cocoandsilk grows slowly but steadily and it was such a huge success to manage and open our first shop! 220 CONCEPT STORE ATHENS is a place that welcomes our collection but also the amazing work of greek designers - i will make another post about this - and it is the most inspiring place to visit!

Also, i am super excited about an upcoming trip to Copenhagen later this week, i think it has been ages since i traveled for the last time. I am not very pleased with the weather report, but since it is only a small interval it is fine with me. I am just crazy about Greek summer and i can't wait to have my summer vacation / still not too close though!

That is pretty much till today, i wish you a wonderful new week and don't forget to keep the summer vibes alive and kicking!

Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk