Playing with Polyvore

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I have said many times how much i like to work with all these wonderful apps that are now available, especially when i am allowed to get involved with fashion.

My latest love is Polyvore, easy, too many options, gives you the freedom to create fashion looks or design a room and you can find almost everything you need to work with whatever you wish.

My two pics here are obviously very much under the city look influences i so truly love to work with and even if they look a bit similar , the first one is a boy - girl play.

The thing with all these apps is that while you ''think'' you are just playing , millions of ideas can be the next step for something new and exciting. 

Have you all a wonderful day,
Love, K.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

creations by cocoandsil


Make My Friday, Favorite Links

Everybody loves Friday, even The Cure...
When Friday comes i always prepare myself to have some free time for endless reading of my favorite blogs and sites and they are enough....It is a kind of therapy after all the week's exhaustion and a source of inspiration for...eem...everything? Yes , i know we are inspired by people and emotions and art and all, but between you and me...there are some amazingly inspired people doing very good job out there and for me having time to read my favorite blogs is one of my biggest pleasures.

Sooo, these are only some of my favorite links , you may have a look. and tell me if you also like them.

Have you all a blissful weekend.
Love, K.

1. The Everygirl  so bright and relaxing, talks about every subject, fashion, design, travel, etc

2. Twigg Studios if you have a sweet tooth, this is your thing and as for the photography...i have no words

3. 66 Square Feet life and food and changing of the seasons in New York. I love it.

4. The Chronicles of her fashion blog, she lives in Australia, i envy her, she also looks gorgeous...isn't this enough?

5. Norse White design blog, Scandinavian style at its best

6. Cocorrina for me this is the best Greek blog....ever! I love this girl.


Fall must have - Leather Jacket

I love leather jackets. Wearing one makes me feel free and a bit ''wild'', like an eternal teenager!
OK, i know, this doesn't exist, but please tell me - isn't it this quite uplifting?

This fall i have decided to buy a new one, my previous is about to turn into dust and i am looking for something that suits my style and my budget also. I have an eye on these pieces 12 / 3 / 4 and you can help me deside if you like, although i think i am closer to pick the second.

Do you like leather jackets? Do you wear them often and how do you style them? Send me your ideas.

Love, K.

photos via pinterest.com


London Fashion Week, Street Style

Fashion weeks are always a a red fever situation for magazines, fashion journalists, buyers etc, but for me, the most interesting part is the street style party that's taking place....

It is so interesting to see all these women dressing themselves with taste, imagination, inspiration, to feel chic or to even to provoke.

The following pics are from London Fashion week, and the girls sure look fashionable!

                                                                      Love, K.

photos via Elle Brazil


Make My Friday, Rene' Gruau

I am sure you all know Rene' Gruau and maybe this post has nothing really new to tell...but just remembering this magnificent artist - illustrator, is a motive strong enough to write about.

What is always intriguing about people like Gruau, is the amazing aesthetic view of life, the unique talent and the magnetic power of his sketches. I mean, i can look at them for hours and never get enough or get bored. On the contrary, the more i look at them, the more excited i get, the more inspired i feel, the more beauty i see...

I am sure no pictures are enough to express the amount and greatness of the work of this incredible talented man, but just a few ones are enough to let be inspired

Love, K.


The Russian Doll

Ulyana Sergeenko is a woman with style. In fact, an absolutely unique style.

I am not ashamed to admit that i fell in love with her image the first time i saw her picture, Anna Karenina meeting Brigitte Bardot. She does not imitate no-one, she is always the creator of  her look. Known as a stylist, photographer and fashion designer with her own line, Ulyana looks like a woman who has set the sky as a limit and she had to try and work very hard to come where she is now.

The following photos i believe can prove her amazing way of dressing herself, I know it is not easy to get dressed and carry this particular style but this amazing woman can support the look and let us be inspired.

Love, K.

photos via pinterest.com


Lunch Eaten At Work

This is a different book about food. It is not written by a chef, a famous cook, or a well trained mother, in fact is is written by Peter Miller, a bookshop owner in Seattle.

Peter Miller is a man with inspiration and the fact that he has to eat his every day lunch while working in his bookshop does not seem to be a problem. It may be just a salad or a sandwich but  it is freshly made and with the help of all the people who work there. This is something extremely interesting to me, think how people can be connecetd when they work, prepare food and eat together, it is a kind of working nest and it can only help create a good working human environment.

I know a lot of people who order together while at work, but making your own everyday lunch it is not something common especially when we are talking for the private working sector. And of course if you own a bookshop you can also publish the book and sell it!
Well done Peter and everybody!

Love, K.

photos via amazon.com


Make My Friday, Winter Trends: Craft Coutoure

We are still enjoying the joys of summer but fashion is running fast and long ago the winter trends are covering the editorials of  fashion magazines so we can have an idea of what is about to come.

One of the most interesting options of winter 2014 is the ethnic - folk, ( hand crafted like) trend, represented strongly by Dolce & Gabanna and other designers as well. Oversized cardigans, big coats, together with folk inspired tops and dresses are a key for this look.

If you love the - i did it myself - style of wearing a coat, this is your thing! If you on the other hand - more like me - prefer a more light version of dressing yourself then of course there are ohter styles to follow, although the temptation is so bloody strong....

Love, K.

photos via vogue.co.uk


Internet Shopping - Julie Vos

I am always glad to discover beautiful shops on the internet , especially when they ship internationally.
This was an accidental discovery, in fact i was just reading a digital magazine and then hop-hop there was an interview of Julie Vos.

Her designs are very delicate and chic and some are 'ancient Greek' inspired pieces.
The prices are so into limits that make them even more attractive and a very good idea for a present.

Now, perhaps many of you may believe that i have a reason, a profit, when i make a post about a brand, or hotels, or whatever....I do not.
This blog is closed to advertisements and every comment i make - fashion, design, product, firm - only represent my personal style and opinion - at least up to now. The thing is, i like beauty, wherever and whenever i see it, and i love to share beautiful things with people cause i have a strong belief that beautiful things make the 'cruel world' be more bearable....  

Maybe sometime in the future i will be able to create my own E- shop, this is a dream i wish to come true, but for now i can only share beautiful words, thoughts, recipes, photos, travel information and all the joy of life.

So, these are some pieces i like a lot, do you?

Love, K.

products via julievos.com, photos composed by cocoandsilk


Put Your Treasures Out

Hello there! I don't know about you but i am the type of person who likes to display stuff that i love and let it be in common view.
First of all i want to be able to look at my treasury stuff , it makes me feel better. Perhaps i am a material girl but looking at a favorite book, or photo, or a gift, or a trip memento....just makes me feel comfy, sweet, relaxed. Maybe because every little treasure we own is a materialized memory, something we can see but has a story behind.
And even if it does not has a fascinating story and it is just something that we liked and simply brought home, well, let it shine somewhere nice.

Oh no, my house is not the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, there are so many clever and creative ways of displaying objects in every place, as long as we do not overdo it.
Keeping the balance is important but i could never imagine myself living in a minimal, monastery type, disciplined kind of home, it is not simply my style. And then again, as you might already have imagined, i also change the place and the way of displaying stuff so it is never the same.
I think i have said enough....haven't i? OK that's it.

Love, K.

photos via homelife.com.au


Make My Friday, Work Space Bliss

Some people are lucky to live in extraordinary houses. Others are making the best choices and create one of a kind homes and some of them work in the most amazing spaces a person can imagine!
Saying this , Kelley Moore of Kelley Moore Creative Media Events, works in the most fantastic of the most fabulous work places i have ever seen.
The  photos are coming from ruemag.com and they are mouth dropping!

I am in love with the pink flamingo plant pots and the whole place.
Please, please, do you need someone to work for you guys? Anything? Just to spend a few hours in there....

Love, K.

photos via ruemag.com


Marcel Wanders, Colour and Geometry

Marcel Wanders, the Dutch master of design is a free soul who likes to create storytelling objects and he has designed some of the most iconic pieces of the last 20 years.
Personally i like and admire his work in total and although it is obvious he has a western cultural education his design products  are having a kind of mystery, like something is hidden behind...

''Where a product is like a sculpture, an interior is like an opera, a book, a movie!It's something that takes you from A to B and there are all these wonderful changes in-between''.
I could not agree more...

Love, K.

photo via marcelwanders.com