Collection Finally Here

Cocoandsilk winter collection is finally here and it is going to hit the shops in a few days. Needless to say it was such a joy to see all the pieces coming together and how every one of them really made sense pairing with the others creating a beautiful completeness.

Black is here of course and how couldn't it be since is an all time favourite colour, i'm telling you i have serious trouble not adding it in my summer collection as well, but then again if you live in a country where the light is so strong during summer months it is not possible not to be attracted by glorious summer white, no? But for a minimal, clean winter line, black is always a winner and i really love all the pieces. Needless to add that this collection's palette is neutral with a few dusty hues of grey or pink here and there, but always with the best fabric quality and we're talking wool, cashmere and silk here!

Once more we are very pleased from the final result of the collection as it totally reflects our view for fashion and everyday style.

We would love to listen to your thoughts so do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy the lovely day,
love, K.

original photo Fotis Karapiperis, stylist Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis, model Jenni Penttinen
photo effects by cocoandsilk