Dressing A Home....This Time...

No matter how hard i work on my new fashion project, i always find time for styling a home or a place, it is my passion!

Over the years i find myself in a more simple and minimalistic sense of styling and no matter how much i love colors, my choices are getting more soothing, quieter, more organic. Wood, is my all time preferable  element to work with, no matter the shade. My biggest problem when i work in such a project, is to find a balance so the final result will reflect the client's style and not my personal choices. I can suggest, show some sketches but always encourage the other person to visualize and decide. This makes the whole thing much more interesting and creative, at least this is how i like to see it.

I believe fashion and interior styling can very well work together, it is about dressing after all, either dress a person or a place....remember this post?

I like to transform my place during warmer months the same way i transform my wardrobe , the darker shades that i prefer during winter are looking a bit depressive under the strong light of the Greek summer so a make over is always welcome. Speaking of it, i finally managed to paint C's bedroom - and mine - so we will be ready and fresh for spring. Pics to come soon.

Have you all a lovely day!
Love, K.

images created by cocoandsilk via polyvore


Make My Friday, Down Town Athens - Psiri Area

Hello, I am so glad we are heading for the weekend!
You know, it has been so long since i went downtown Athens for the last time....but yesterday as i was searching for some specific objects, i knew a visit to this area was my only chance to discover what i was looking for.
I remember when i first came to Athens, i was so excited with this part of the city, here is like east meets west, all these small 'souk like' shops on the one hand, glossy hotels, loft houses and boutiques on the other. One of the reasons i love Athens so much is how different this city can be from street to street. C , who was visiting  the area for the first time, was a great help and having fun by the same time. Unfortunately, i did not manage to find what i was looking for , not even into these small Aladdin's caves. 

Have a wonderful and joyful weekend!
Love, K.

 images by cocoandsilk


Sometimes A Girl Has To Eat

OK, what do you do when you are lone and forgotten, work like crazy, the nearest super market is approachable only by car and you starve to death? You either ignore your hanger - is this really possible? - or you eat what you've got.
Well, the only thing  i happened to have around, was a ripe avocado and a slice of my gluten free bread, which is not the most tasteful food on earth. I was so desperate that i asked my good neighbor for a clove of garlic. This reminded me of how lucky i am to live in a small neighborhood of central Athens, yes, it does exist, and secondly i had a delicious dish in no time, together with my favorite organic herbal tea.
Now, why this had to be photographed first? This is something i should talk about with my doctor, if i only could afford one!

Enjoy your day
Love, K.

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Verve, Fresh oh, so Fresh!

Hello there, i hope you had a beautiful and joyful weekend!
A few days ago, while reading a magazine, i discovered a Greek brand that made me want to run out and taste their products as soon as possible. Verve is a new company run by two young ladies, (sisters), that do not only produce the best organic juices, they also can help us create our own detox program. I happen to adore fresh fruits and green juices anyway and i know how important they are for our health - with so many health problems i try to eat the healthiest i can - and for the immune system. Now i am totally in love with their detox packages and can't wait to taste them all! Cheers!

Do have a lovely new week!
Love, K.

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Make My Friday - Running Fast

The cocoandsilk project goes fast and i have to run faster and faster to be on time.
 Lately i work for almost 18 hours a day and frankly i could work thirty if i could, without a brake. The most significant difference when you work for your own job and when you build something with hard work and passion is... you never really feel tired or bored. This is why i work as a freelancer almost all my life, i used to work in an office job long ago and that made me quite unhappy. On the other hand, working alone means...  i often find myself in a not manageable stress level...
Running fast is my way of living and although i sometimes step back, i prefer things to get done quickly and correctly and i give my best to achieve it. I know also i am a terrible control freak which means i can only get some peaceful sleep when everything - and i mean everything - have been checked by me, this is pretty frustrating but first leaves the spirit then goes the habit.
Thank God for everybody, when it comes to personal life i tend to be much more relaxed and try to enjoy every single moment of the everyday life. 
Call me Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde i try hard to find a balance like millions of people on earth. It' s like 'run fast live slowly' i guess...and enough with the confessions.

Enjoy your weekend...slowly
Love, K.

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Hey! It's Amazon Cook Books....Again...

I know, i know i am a terrible person when it comes to cook books, i just can never say no...so ashamed that same goes with design books...ups! But.. you know, truth is the fault is not all mine, i mean look at these beauties, the photography is to kill for and the recipes are so mouthwatering i can almost taste them without even cooking!
I have a serious problem in my kitchen, not any available free space to put more books, is this really a reason to stop me from getting new ones? OK maybe yes...
At least i use every single one of them so this can be a small relief. This time, C. made an order as well , the book of her favorite vlogger, and that's the thing with the book addiction, once you got it, you pass it to the next generation!

Enjoy your day
Love, K.

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40 Things About ... The Hive?

Hi there! It is going to be an amazing week , no?
When Yvonne from The Hive team suggested we could write 40 things about us, i thought...ok, when was the last time i did a thing like that...so let's do it! Deep breath...

1. When i was a young girl i was dreaming of becoming a singer. 
2. When i was a teenager i was dreaming of becoming a singer.!?
3. I never became a singer.
4. I was in love with Nick Cave for many - many years. My husband knew it. He did not care!
5. I studied architecture and worked freelance for a long time indeed.
6. I believe traveling is one of the best things you can do in life.
7. I am an only child. A spoiled one!
8. I deeply love and admire creative people, all of them.
9. Art is my shelter.
10. I have countless alergies. Some of them are not bad for my health, they're bad for my soul.
11. I love my daughter more than anything in this world and all the other worlds, if they do exist.
12. I take photography lessons. I am not very good at it.
13. I take Spanish language lessons. Para viajar a America Latina!
14. I am a total disaster when it comes to discipline...
15. But i am a control freak
16. I love food, maybe too much.
17. One of my biggest dreams is to live in Australia. Not for ever though.
18. I love growing up..it gets better and better!
19. I am actually a lonely person, i enjoy loneliness.
20. I hate lies, period.
21. I love  watching people and guess what they are thinking. No comments...
22. I prefer cinema to theater, it is easier to mind- travel.
23. I can't ride a bicycle!
24. Always eager about...everything I'm afraid.
25. I believe in good. It always makes the difference.
26. I wish i was more daring in my life.
27. Once a boy told me my nose is too big. You think it's funny? But as i said, i don't like lies.
28. I am a dreamer, still.
29. I like being with young children. I love the way they see life. Raw.
30. What? Only ten more?
31. I love summer in Greece, and everywhere else , i love summer, but mostly in Greece.
32. Blogging really changed my life, for better.
33. I love getting up very early and 'listen' to the dawn. 
34. I love changes. I get bored pretty easy, not good.
35. Sometimes i wish , we could think less and feel more.
36. I always question myself what is the true meaning of life, but you know, like... the true meaning of life....
37. I simply can't live without having something to wait for, a journey, a plan, a job, The Hive...
38. Right now I'm working on my own collection. Would i ever thought i could be a fashion designer? NO.
39. I am a work maniac. A mother maniac. A keeping my place tidy maniac. Perhaps i should see a doctor...
40. Oh! It's forty already! Can i go to fifty? Please?

Well, it was fun.
Love, K.

 Post inspiration source: The Hive #40things4thehive


Make My Friday - H&M Studio Spring 2015 Fashion Party

Two days ago i was invited to the H&M fashion party for the launch of H&M Studio line S/S 2015
Poor me, i only managed to arrive two hours late as i am completely helpless with my time and the hours i have to work this time of year. The shop was still full of happy crowd - i believe the 25% discount for that night played a serious part - and the place was amazing, low light, nice music and high fashion made the night look like an Alice in Wonderland show.
I was very happy to close a hectic day with such a lovely event and i enjoyed every minute. Aside from this,  the clothes are so wonderful, bright colors, a Miami and Palm Springs laid back-cool style, you just wanna grab them as soon as possible.
C was very thrilled with the event and chose to buy some ultra sweet stuff and i had time to get my picks from the upper floor which gave me a wonderful view of the space. We left pretty late, smiling and chatting all the way home.

Have a looooovely and amazing weekend. 
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk


Make Up Update - Korres Beauty Products

Lately i tend to be very careful with the products i apply on my skin. The time of careless buying is gone for good, now i try to use natural products, chemical free and with the most innocent ingredients. After i replaced almost all my skin-care products carefully, i decided it was time to start doing the same with my make up.
Korres is one of the best Greek brands and so it really made sense to try them. They use the best natural ingredients from the Greek flora, the products are skin friendly and they have a wonderful color palette. Also, the make up line feels wonderfully light on skin, you will never realize you are actually wearing a foundation. It is such a joy during these hard times to support a Greek brand and to find the most amazing products here in our place, ''homemade''.

Have a beautiful day
Love, K.

 photos by cocoandsilk


Eager About.....The Hive

Almost a year and a half ago i decided to give up my job as an architect and interior designer and start a blog.
At that time, it was obvious to me one circle was closing and another was about to open. It was not a decision made upon pressure, it was more an emotional  need to find a way to work in a more creative and open playground and deeply inside i knew i was looking for different paths to walk and create. My blog does not belong to the team of the super famous blogs that have millions of pageviews and zillions of followers. It gave me the opportunity to get in touch with many creative people, learn a lot, try new things, experiment with my limits and even the courage to start a collection of women's apparel and a new e-shop which if all goes well, will be ready by late April, this for the history.

This April i am going to travel to Berlin for The Hive, a weekend event where creative people (call them bloggers, digital experts or whatever) are going to meet and talk and learn from each other. It is so amazing  to be in a forum like this and i can't tell you how glad and excited i feel. First of all it is so refreshing to meet people from around the globe, talk to them, listen of how they work and build their wonderful blogs, it would be no lie to admit, i deeply admire many of them for how incredibly creative persons they are. 

As the event happens to be during the orthodox Easter, C and my partner are going to travel to Berlin with me , it will be a perfect time to share some free days and enjoy the city.

We are almost a month away but time sure flies and i was so eager to share this with you, of course we will have much more to tell after the forum and the Berlin experience. 

Do have a wonderful new week.
Love, K.

main photo via here, other photos via the hive and by cocoandsilk


Make My Friday - Come on, Come on Let's Tea Together

One of my biggest pleasures during the day is drinking tea. I think sometimes i may drink up to three or four cups till noon and i religiously choose green tea. I found this in Mariage Freres while in Paris and last night i tried it for the first time. I am not going to tell you about the smell and the wonderful flavor and all those blah, blah, noooo. 
The thing is, the moment i tasted it i felt so happy i started to sing and dance , i think C was so shocked , she may thought her mother was on a stroke. Maybe it was the the end of a hectic day, maybe the citrus taste that i love, maybe something in my brain that combines tea with happiness, all i know is i was a female Brian Ferry dancing and moving arround with my tea and singing : let's tea together...yea, why not?

Have an incredible weekend!
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk