My (anti)Valentine's Day gift list

I always had a difficulty to understand what this day is about...and I'm sorry but i am not the type of pink roses or dreaming about my hero kind of girl although i truly and deeply believe in love, but the kind of every day proving love....

  I find it too predictable (for my partner) to offer me flowers in V-day and can not say that if so, i will particularly  appreciate it. But like everybody else ( i think) i love the kind of presents coming for no reason and showing that your friend, or boyfriend, or partner, or who that person can be,  loves you and cares about you... cause it's really nice to have a pleasant surprise every now and then!

But ...i do have a list of presents that would make me or any-other girl feel happy no matter giving or receiving...

 A year's subscription for fetepress.com.au

a ticket for a sold out concert (that you did not manage to book)

a trip to Tangier, romantic and adventurous by the same time

Happy (anti)Valentine's day everyone!!!

Love, K. 

Photos via homelife.com.au, depositphotos.com, thesoldoutevents.com