The land down under, first trip to Sydney

Three years ago i was so lucky traveling to Sydney Australia for the first time.

I have a cousin there and he was getting married, so it was the perfect reason to make a decision and go.

Needless to say how beautiful this city is, i fell in love from the first moment. It was January which means we left winter behind and went for a perfect summer. We had a very good flight through Abu Dhabi - i gave up my fear for airplanes forever - and landed in Sydney where my uncle and the rest of the family gave us an amazingly warm welcome!

The wedding was very beautiful (a bit Greek a bit Australian - I adore these cultural mixes) and we spent the rest of the time wandering around the city, making small journeys, meeting people, and using the hotel's pool.

I visited Sydney last year again and I'm looking forward to do it for the third time as soon as i can. 
I'll give you an advice - do not fell in love with the Aussie's land the ticket is very expensive...

Love, K.