Make My Friday, Hellooo Stockholm

Visiting Stockholm during August came out of nowhere...
Normally and if things were going according to our schedule we would be relaxing by the sea in the city of Gytheio. Unfortunately, we made a really bad choice as it turned out to be and the hotel we had selected was too far from our expectations and from what we had seen while looking at the hotel's site on the internet! Needless to say we were so extremely disappointed, we did not even stayed for 24 hrs!
Now, being in the middle of August without a hotel reservation and without a plan it is not such a pleasant state of enjoying your summer!

We returned to Athens and we were a bit out of control....what we were going to do? Thank God (and Aegean Air ) we had the idea to see if we could find some last minute (low price) tickets to....anywhere...and so it had to be Stockholm!

The minute we came out of the plane everything started going so smoothly, i still can not believe it. First of all it is a wonderful city, i did not know it was soooo beautiful. I had visited Copenhagen in the past but i had in mind that Sweden is not such an interesting country i am so ashamed, how did this came into my head in the first place???

The Swedish people are amazingly kind, helpful and friendly and the city is like coming from a fairy tale. We stayed for 10 days, the weather was wonderful, the food was delicious - i am a salmon lover anyway - the quality in everything had nothing to do with the average European standard and of course i have no words for the everlasting Scandinavian design that was all around even in the way people were dressed. 

I could write a really long post about this trip but i prefer to let the pictures talk. 
And some more pictures on Monday's post.

Hej hej
Love, K.

 all photos by cocoandsilk