The Artist - Fotis Karapiperis

I was very lucky to meet Mr Karapiperis a few months ago.
Mr Karapiperis is the kindest and more low profile photographer i have ever met, no big words, no fuss, no nothing. He never talks about his work and somehow feels uncomfortable when others talk about it. 
I truly admire the way he sees things and captures life and i am totally smitten with his travel photography.
There is a kind of sadness, kindness, respect for the place he is visiting and  finally a picture full of power and secret, unspoken, whispering words. These photographs just speak to my soul!
Aside from his work as a travel photographer he is an active member of Studio Verve where he still works and creates amazing projects. 
Mr Karapiperis lives in Athens and you can also check his work here.

Have a wonderful  day
Love, K.

all images by Fotis Karapiperis