Make My Friday - Team Work

Hi guys, i am so glad Friday is here cause last week there was no weekend breath for me!

On Wednesday team worked photoshooting winter collection and in a few days everything will be ready to see online, i am very excited about it!

'Slow and steady' fall is on the way even here in Athens and nights have become finally chillier, I myself am looking forward to wear some of the pieces which look and are minimal and comfy. As i look back i find myself becoming more and more friendlier to low profile aesthetic, i do not want things to shout where they come from but to keep an understated quality, like looking for the substance and not the image. I guess this is what this collection is about, the fabrics are a total luxury but the designs are as simple as possible so they can give to every woman the freedom to express herself the way she likes, no flags, no identity, no rules, no codes, just freedom to be herself.
And by this i come to the best part of this winter, an idea my good friend Dimitris Grammatikoyiannis gave me the other day and we are going to start working on it, it would be amazing if we manage to find a way and make it happen. Still is extremely early to say anything else...

Fall is a very inspiring season to create, all this sweet and kind light really puts you on the mood for something new. Is this really happening to you also or is it just me?

Enjoy your precious weekend and keep the vibes positive!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk