my city mate

We have friends, good friends,best friends,friends from school,from work,from
yoga classes etc.

Three years ago i stopped working, after 23 years because of the financial and social crisis. In a way i didn't mind at all because deep inside this circle had been closed long ago.

This meant two things:
a)i had a lot of free time
b)i ran out of money
i could deal with the second by making other choices in my everyday life but it was hard for me to handle the other.At first i was a little confused. Then day by 
day i felt better.

With all this spare time i began to go for long walks around the city and i found my city mate,Helen, who also was unemployed but still kept her sense of humor.

Together we had amazing walks in the city center, around the streets of Acropolis, down town and elsewhere. We kept on walking and talking for hours and never gave up making plans for better days.

I don't know how those days could had been if i did not have my city fellow, together we kept the good vibration and the lough and so this is for her and all the city mates everywhere.

love K.