My Friday - Discover

People always surprise me, sometimes for a good reason and sometimes not, after all the years I've spent searching on the Internet I 'knew' I had discovered almost everything I was interested about.
I was so mesmerised when I discovered this site the other day, I can't stop reading and visiting...
It's all about art and the images are so strong and beautiful, it became my favourite everyday feed!
The thing about art is that it can really makes you see the world with a different view, mostly a clearer view. A picture equals to a thousand words,  so this site is an endless book of excellent quality literature...
With all the 'dirty' things i have to keep in mind and settle them, like bills, bureaucracy stuff, production details, meetings with not so reliable customers, a site like this is my everyday therapy!

What is your relation to art? Do you invest in it? Are you visiting art spaces or anything like that?

Enjoy your weekend my dears

Love, K.

images via hakikaten.tumblr.comthis