My Winter Black

I know i can be accused for wearing mostly black but i guess i am not the only one to blame, no?
This winter was the blackest of all! First of all it was my own collection i was dying to put on and secondly all my favourite pieces from the previous seasons were standing in my closet, looking at me and calling me to try them out...yes, really!

But this winter and especially next month i am so much in the mood for something glossier, something minimal but with a hint of glamour. I know this outfit is going to be my essential for all day and night December appearances depending the shoe and the way i am going to accessorise it! Also i like the way every piece can work on ti's own, i can definitely wear the jacket with my pair of jeans or the pants with a simple cotton white shirt and still look festive and classy!

Weather is pretty hot (still) here in Athens considering the fact we are only a month before Christmas and maybe this year we are going to celebrate like the Aussies or Californians do, so let's get ready to give ourselves a chance for some extra luxury and precious moments, I don't know about you but i am so fed up with bad news and scenarios, life is too short not to celebrate every moment of it! This year's Christmas  holidays are going to be the best of all, and you know what?  Just because...

Have a wonderful day my darlings
Love, K.

main image via cocoandsilk.com. all others via here