Make my Friday , Proxenou Koromila, Thessaloniki

Proxenou Koromila is one of the most charming streets of Thessaloniki.

When I was a student (just five years ago ha,ha)the place was the focus point for the night entertaining. These days it is full of chic boutiques,lovely shops and beautiful coffee shops.

It is the place to be for all the young suspicious fashionistas of the city.

So if you ever visit Thessaloniki you know where to go.

              Anna Kapsali , from Vercace to Mary Katrantzou

                              Votsalo, amazing sea food

                   Princess cut, a beautiful boutique

          SOHO-SOHO, one of the most interesting boutiques of the city

               Mon Fleur, a very cosy coffee shop

         Playhouse, you can have a coffee and play at the same time

                 Cafe Balkan , my favorite place for day and night

                  Renew, vintage and second hand treasures

Barbershop 1901, leave your man to have a nice shave and go shopping....

Love, K.