I Am A Fabric Lover

One of the things i love most is the fabric hunting! The moment i find a fabric that i like, i feel butterflies in my stomach! It is not the joy i feel by touching it, it is the wonderful path the fabric itself pushes me to follow,  and the hundreds of ideas crossing  my mind the moment that i discover it!

Most of the times i go out hunting my fabrics by appointment and usually i have a very clear vision of what i am looking for, but somehow, sometimes, the moment i least expect it, a wonderful sample is coming to my road and then puf! everything starts to make sense!

Anyway, anyone who works in the fashion industry perhaps has something similar to confess, but the reason for this post is the wonderful collection we worked on this winter and the delicate fabrics we have chosen to work for summer!

Cocoandsilk pays strong attention to the fabrics and the quality of manufacturing , many of our pieces are enjoying hand made details and we are proud of it!

So, i guess this is for today, and hey don't forget to send me your thoughts!
Enjoy the new week and the beautiful November month!

Love, K.

images by cocoandsilk