A Peaceful Place

Well, it's been so long since i wrote a post about interiors, seems like fashion has taken all of my energy, yes? Today as i was running to catch my meetings, i had a small gap between two of them and boy i spent all of my time reading in a cosy coffee shop a beautiful interior magazine, so here i am now all inspired to share with you!

The more i tend to read international press - and by international i mean European, American, Australian, sure is international -  the more i realize that the way we used to dress our homes has trully changed. Think of it, it's only ten years ago and we used to spend thousands of euros to create over-stuffed places with anything we could afford. Somehow everything had to be a lot. Today people try to let their homes breath, small empty spaces that create a peaceful corner are super desirable and if i am allowed to say we not only have started to dress low key, but live low key / which brings me to a total joy! It is so obvious that what really counts is not the quantity but the quality and this goes to everything really. It is about time to get rid of everything 'cheap' and ugly we do not need and we still carry with us, metaphorically this could affect even a relationship but here i speak of the way we dress our homes and ourselves. So, next time you are ready to pick something, wait a minute and ask yourself: does this product really worth the price? Does this company respect the consumer? Or am i buying it cause it's one cheap bullshit? Just saying...

Enjoy you day,
Love, K.

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