My Friday - Clean Lines

This Friday is all about the clear vision and the clean lines of designing.
I always try to think how i can remove lines from my designs and how i can create shape with a sense of minimalism, shape yes, too many ''words'' no. What is important to me is to let the person who wears the clothes express his/her personality and dress philosophy by deconstructing probably more than contructing, and this is why i so much pay attention to the quality of production and this is how important it can be for a piece to manufacture it in small units where every attention and care is taken.

Fashion is an industry where a lot of new things are happening and where everyone is free to create under his philosophy, fashion is democratic, it is a field with too many different seeds to grow and although money play a big part to it, i believe fashion must be sometimes beyond money. 
Everyone wants to sell, i want to sell, but i also create pieces that i now from the very start they might not be easy sellable , just because they help me experiment with things. I deeply admire Japanese designers for their courage and inspiration to create amazing things through the years and Scandinavian designers cause they always find a perfect balance between ''new'' and acceptable, and of course all the young designers around the globe who are fighting hard to create an identity, a path through which they can be expressed. So this post is dedicated to all of them.

Have a wonderful weekend
Love, K.

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