The Dress And The Wish List

Hello and have a lovely new week. 
The other day i was having coffee with a friend of mine and she was insisting there are rules in fashion we all have to obey. There is some truth about it, but then again if you do not try to play a little and keep on repeating yourself, you will soon get bored with your mirror image. 
I am not a super daring person when it comes to my personal styling but once in a while i love to give it a push! It is such a nice feeling to hear people say:  ''Well this is something i could not imagine you would work with!''  Well, i can and truth is... everyone can!

Speaking about different ways of styling a piece and the fact Christmas is (oh yes!) just three days away, AND the bitter truth that i haven't go shopping for almost a year :(( (cross fingers), i made this very small wish list for the festive days. 

Normally, i wear this dress with a pair of flats or my sneakers during the day and tend to accessorize it stronger during the evening by adding either some heels, or a statement piece of jewellery. Since this dress is one of my super favourites cause it is such a chameleon, you can literally wear it with everything, i decided to build a wish list around this piece. I think these two items will take me till late spring and they are so pretty!
Of course like many other wishes it is not for sure it is going to be fulfilled!

Enjoy your day and be festive and smiley!

Love, K.

dress via here

bag via here

bomber jacket via here