Accessory Talking (?)

It is not often to see me with strong accessories - unless it is about a great bag. 
The other day though i found myself suddenly having a kind of attack, an emotional attack, kind of 'i want to wear this necklace no matter what'! So i bought it and so i had to wear it. Now, i have the feeling this piece is going to be my 'go to' accessory for the months to come. I don't like to play it hard on me so i chose an all black outfit to make it so easy and comfy and i went for this dress and this jacket for an easy and quick morning look as i never spend more than half an hour to get dressed and ready to close the door. I added my all time classic black booties and this look took me from early morning to late afternoon meetings and office work.
I know i am a coward guy, but to me it is so much more important to feel comfortable and relaxed more than anything else! And that's the whole philosophy behind cocandsilk, dress to feel free and shine with your own personality, let the clothes speak on you and not for you.

See you on Friday.
Love, K.

Black dress here
Black coat here
Booties (not seen) here
Blue statement necklace similar here
Ebony ring 2  here