Amy Butler, 'It Bag' Creator

I first ''met'' Amy Butler through Living Etc magazine, her beautiful home was on the November 2011 issue, and what a home! Then, a few weeks ago as i was seeking for a travel bag solution i fell into her web site. 

Amy Butler is a talented designer and her ability to create colorful patterns can give me such a jealousy! Honestly, what is not to love about her creations? I also like she puts that soft leather detail to her travel bags so they look amazing. Her wall prints are beautiful and vivid and absolutely suitable for any place you can name. Being such a creative person, Butler has also put under her name other design products like wallpapers, handcrafted wool rugs, stationery, books and more...

I also found some pics of her house,  so this post is kind of mixed and you can also check her amazing work space here.

Searching for a travel bag had never been so pleasant!!!

Love, K.

photos via here and here