Aeri Studios, Folegandros Island

A nice place to stay while on vacation can really upgrade everyone's holidays the same way a bad one can turn them into hell...

While in Folegandros we stayed at Aeri Studios. The hotel is located at the end of Chora village which means: one, amazing views and sunsets to kill for and secondly a relaxing quietness,  just five min walking from the village.
Nikos, the owner, together with his lovely parents, is a very kind and helpful young man , always around to give you any information you may need, they treated us the best way they could and i have no words for their hospitality! 
The hotel itself is one of the best i ever stayed, (if not the best), very nice decorated, simple and clean lines, a pleasure for the eyes, everything is chosen with a very elegant view, believe me it touches perfection, and this is something i do not say easily! If you ever decide to visit Folegandros this is definitely the place to stay.

Thank you Aeri and Nikos for the wonderful stay, we are looking forward to come again!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk