Make My Friday, Ready to Go!!!

 Looking at my drawer last night to find my bathing suits ,i heard C telling me she believes my bikinis are too old fashioned (!!!), i know i do not look like a swim wear model...but is there really a way for a bikini to be old fashioned? I mean it may look old and pale colored from the salt (which is something i like), but not in fashion? Does it have to be a certain color? A certain shape? A certain style? 
Oooohhh, no, i can follow some style rules, not religiously, and i may try to look good with my clothes and i do love fashion, but when it comes to my days next to the sea, oh man, i do not want to think whether my towel suits my bikini, suits my sea bag, etc. I would never put my stuff in a plastic bag (eek), but i am not going to worry for the shade of my beloved bikini, which yes, it is yellow and yes, i bought it some 7 years ago from the island of  Antiparos and yes, i am going to wear it proudly this summer too! It's summer for Christ sake, Viva la liberta' !

Love ya K.

P.s  no, i never looked so polished like these pics , no matter how much i like them....

photos via zara home