Make my Friday, Technology wish list...?

 OK, i want to say this: till recently i was a person who didn't really had any concerns about technology. Having the knowledge to visit and explore all the sites i was interested in and the ability to use some demanding programs , more like tools for my work , was more than enough for me.

About eight months ago i started looking for new things to explore - play - learn and so my love affair with technology and technology gadgets became reality. Suddenly words like tablet, apps, portable battery pack, s pen and some hundreds more became part of my everyday life, (something which made C totally happy and my partner a bit confused), let alone the Photoshop phase I'm into...
My new wish list is now about gadgets and technology desire objects instead of shoes, books and cushions. Looking at my latest obsession here i feel like a child in a candy shop, and i can't help but wonder...is this a phase i'm coming through or is it here for good?
Well, time will show i guess...

Love, K.

photos via public.gr