Let's Dance

Last night i was working out at the balcony - too hot inside, and as it was getting very late and everybody went sleeping, i thought it was the perfect opportunity to rediscover some of my favorite songs to make the work easier...

Funny thing i ended up remembering the days i was a young student and i was staying up late just to have the privacy to listen to ''my'' music while my parents had gone to bed. I always loved the calm and silence of the night and that i could listen my favorite radio stations.

I did a lot of work and also i made a wonderful list of my all time classic oldies which i'm going to enjoy these wonderful summer nights. I know i can't tell you the whole list but here are the first ten:

7. Imagine
9. Roxanne
10. Shout

Which is your list? Let's dance!!!

Love K.

photos via my80splaylist