A walk with C

Last Friday i had a most lovely walk  downtown Athens with C.
We walked around the Mitropoli Church area, flowers and roses were smelling wonderful and we ended up having lunch  - souvlaki is always her choice -  and for our sweet tooth we compromised with chillbox frozen yogurt which is always an excuse to eat ice cream but not ice cream...say...

Athens is always a beauty this time of the year, people look relaxed and care free, especially on a Friday late, summer noon...

A walk is never a walk for a girl - or two girls - unless shopping is included, so after all the eating process we decided to spend some calories at h&m where i took these black sandals here and C found this flowery skirt , so even we ate pretty fatty stuff the one who got a diet was my wallet!

May you have a  happy day
Love, K.

photos by cocoandsilk