Here We Go Again

Hello, happy Monday!
You know what is the most scary thing that ever happened to my life? Well, it is what i am doing right now, meaning...trying to set up a new business. Besides the fact that things in Greece are pretty much fucked up this period - pardon my French - this is something i could never imagine i would do , i mean ever!
Anyway, life is full of surprises, good or bad, so it is a big surprise for me  to be here , setting this cocoandsilk thing and while i work, i see my place changing every day, fabrics are all around, fashion designs here and there and endless search for finding the right people to work with and discover all the good suppliers. On the other hand this process has made me more brave and opened new doors to my life. Also i have decided to change a lot of things about this blog (the blog is an endless love affair) and i am so excited for this! Oh, i really missed you through the weekend and i am all talking-taliking today!

Have a beautiful day
Love, K.

p.s yes, i did some cleaning before the photoshooting

all photos by cocoandsilk