My Life With Candles

Hello there, it is Wednesday already and i believe, you, like me, are also surprised how quickly the days are running! 
Anyway, today i am going to show you my latest buys,  not extravagant and  not pricey  it is not possible to have not candles in my place! While in Thessaloniki i did some shopping for my house and of course i bought a respectful amount of candles! There is something in the beautiful light they create that makes me feel calm and peaceful. It is most common in my place to light them especially in the cold winter months, during summer i like to place them  around the balcony and keep all the lights turned off, romantic ha?....i know....

Another thing is during the past i had some discomfort when the wax had a strong smell, so i was very happy to discover, at last, many unscented versions in very well designed glass containers. I took mine from  H&M home but i suppose they are available in many other shops. I really would like to create my own candles in the future...i think it is not that hard, and i could  fill all the empty containers i have with wax. Have you got any ideas?

See you on Friday!

Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk