Inspirational Sources

Hello and have a beautiful Wednesday!
We had a pretty  interesting beginning of the week here in Greece with the elections and all that, but life has to go on...thank God!

These days i am kicking my ass too hard to be as creative and productive as it can be and i really find an extremely huge amount of relief using  some wonderful platforms like Tumblr for ex. that is full of wonderful blogs to follow and get inspired from. For me, creativity is like oxygen , i can't live without it and once you begin there is really no turning back. I just wish i had more time to work, read and learn, 24h are not enough at all, especially when you are also a full time mom. But then again, life is not easy for anyone of us so....

This year is going to be exciting, i will have to travel a lot, which makes me feel even happier and i really can't wait to see all things happening.

Have a blissful day,

Love, K.

p.s check out those inspirational blogs here , here and here

all photos via Tumblr