3-D Printing

Hello there and how are you doing?!
A couple of days ago i was able - at last - to visit the '3d printing' exhibition at Onassis Cultural Center. It is the first major exhibition in Greece dedicated to this new technology and it is about Art, Fashion, Product design and more.

During the exhibition are also taking place workshops where people can 'create-print' their new object(s). 
It is fascinating to see all tomorrow's technology and how our lives are going to change in the future.
So in a few years, all we have to do is design the chair of our dreams and in two hours time this particular chair is going to sit with pride in our living room. Simple, creative, provocative, magical. It may sound like a cliche΄ but looks like the future is here ...Welcome!

Have a wonderful day!

Love, K.

All the objects above were 'made - printed' by 3d printers
all photos by cocoandsilk