Make My Friday, A Bit Of Luxury

Hi there, it is Friday and weekend is on the way for you and for me to get some fun and rest!

This year i decided to be very careful with the cosmetics i use and to keep it as simple as possible. Looks like the minimalistic fever has touched all my everyday routine. Anyway, last week i discovered Argentum and because there has been almost years since i bought something for my face, i ordered their products, a face cream and a body cream - and my credit card is out of order for the next month - did it worth it? Absolutely! Pleasant surprise number one: the moment you have the products delivered it is total joy, so beautiful packaging you just do not want to take the out of their cocoon. Pleasant surprise number two: the products are amazing. I had an instant relief to my body that always seem to suffer from allergies and red spots. Also my face feels so calm and hydrated, i love the feeling. I know it is not always easy to get pricey stuff but maybe once in a while it feels nice doing it.

Have a wonderful weekend, 
Love, K.

all photos by cocoandsilk